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Edit for "Actual Disbursement Dates Must Be Ascending or Equal"

PublicationDate: 3/17/97
Summary: Edit for "Actual Disbursement Dates Must Be Ascending or Equal"
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

Posted March 17, 1997

To: EDExpress users importing Direct Loan external add files
From: CPS/Direct Loan Customer Service
Re: Edit for "Actual disbursement dates must be ascending or equal"

A number of EDExpress users have called CPS/DL Customer Service after receiving the
above edit message when importing an external add file (DIEA97) into their 1996-97
EDExpress software.

The edit results in loan records not being added to EDExpress when the following
conditions are true:

1) A loan record already exists on database,
2) the existing loan already has at least ONE actual disbursement,
3) the loan ID was not specified in the add file (first 17 positions are blank) and,
4) the "Y" option is chosen for "Prompt for Duplicates".

To avoid this edit, use the "C" (create) or "N" options for "Prompt for Duplicates".
When "C" is used, the software will create a new loan if it finds a duplicate on database.
If unwanted loan records are created, these then can be deleted. When "N" is used, the
records will be skipped and no loan record added for that student. These records can be
added manually.

**PLEASE NOTE** - This also affects the importing of ISIRS and Packaging data from
those EDExpress modules into Direct Loan module. The edit appears when the box
"Prompt for Duplicates" has been checked. We recommend schools note each social
security number prompted, choose "Skip Record" to avoid the edit. After the import is
complete, access each record identified and use the Copy/Create function under
"Process" to create the desired loan record.

The 1997-98 EDExpress for Windows version 3.2 software will not display this edit
message under the conditions listed above. Instead, if the record is already on your
database you will be prompted to skip the record, skip all records that meet this
condition, or create a new record for this loan ID.

Please call Direct Loan Customer Service at 1-800-330-5947, option 3 with any questions.

Last Modified: 08/16/1999