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EDExpress for Windows Version 3.6

PublicationDate: 10/8/97
Summary: EDExpress for Windows Version 3.6
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

DATE: October 8, 1997
TO: All EDExpress Users
FROM: CPS Customer Service
RE: EDExpress for Windows Version 3.6

The following is a list of Configuration Management issues that will be fixed in
version 3.6 of 1997-98 EDExpress for Windows. Please use the listed workarounds
until you receive and install Version 3.6, which will be distributed by October 10.


#648 On 5/22/97, CPS changed the text of SAR comment 33 to inform applicants
their Selective Service registration could not take place because of lack of signature
(reject 15 or 16). Other triggers for this comment include missing information such as
first name, last name, or DOB, or the applicant not being within the valid age range.
Version 3.6 of EDExpress will update the comment text table to include the new text
of this comment. Workaround: N/A

#736 Global package will no longer select records which have a required document
and the required document was manually added and the document status is at "N" (not
received). Workaround: When you manually add a document to a record, go to the
AWARDS tab and save the record to update the packaging status and prevent the record
from being selected when you globally package.

#821 The Document Tracking by Document Code List will no longer generate an
ODBC error message if you select "multiple" and choose a specific document code.
Workaround: Do not select a specific document code (leave the field blank) when
printing this report.

#835 Deleting document tracking codes in Tools/Setup/Global will correctly remove
all documents from all student DOCS tabs. Workaround: Print and compare the
List-Document Tracking by Document Code report to the Document Tracking setup to
see which documents are still attached to records, but have been deleted from setup.
Add the deleted documents back into the system setup using the exact document code
that was deleted. Use multiple entry to waive (Status = W) these re-added document
codes on all student records.

#850 A database error will no longer occur when printing Document Tracking letters
to a printer or file. Workaround: Click OK when error is received. The letter will
print correctly.

#851 An application error will no longer occur when a numeric value other than "00"
is entered for Number of Days to Reprint Tracking Letter in
Tools/Setup/Global/System. Workaround: Choose "Ignore" on the error and the letter
will print. If a letter has never been printed for the student, the "Date Sent" field on the
letter will print and save incorrectly as 01/00/1900.

#878 Help text has been added on the steps to clear the Record Locks database.
Workaround: Contact CPS Customer Service for assistance.

#903, 939, 940 Some users were receiving a message during the repair or compact
utility about network copies in use when no one was actually in the database. This was
caused by EDExpress looking for the name and path where the software was initially
installed and the database has since been moved. A change was made to prevent this
message and to allow the repair or compact utility to run. Workaround: Contact CPS
Customer Service if you are getting the error message.

#956 Users will no longer receive a system error when importing an ESOA file.
Workaround: Click on 'OK' through error message three (3)
times. File and path name are now blank. Select the file to
populate the file and path name fields. Import the file.

Application Processing

#628 Tools/Query/ISIR will now allow two bytes to be entered for Reprocessed
Reason Code when creating queries and File Format print. Workaround: Contact CPS
Customer Service for assistance with editing the File Format file with the correct byte

#669 List-Entered Correction Records will now only display the fields made on a
specific transaction. Workaround: Delete the corrections from previous transactions
or ignore the duplicate fields.

#787 Help text will be updated for ESOA print to include a definition of "single" and
"all" print. Workaround: Contact CPS Customer Service for assistance.

#807 The ENAS calculation will include the 1996 tax tables which were not available
when the PC software was developed. Workaround: N/A

#834 The NSLDS page of the ISIR will now print Not in Default on Perkins when the
Not in Default on Perkins field equals "N" and the Perkins First Disbursement Prior to
10/1/92 equals "Y". Workaround: N/A


#636 Importing ISIRs into Packaging will pull the correct state of legal residence
value from the ISIR transaction rather than using the value from transaction 01.
Workaround: Manually update the State of Legal Residence field on the AWARDS

#673 If documents required for packaging are marked as received and saved on the
DOCS tab, the packaging status on the AWARDS tab will now automatically update to
an "R" status. Workaround: Either save the packaging record from the AWARDS tab
after updating documents or update documents using multiple entry, which will
automatically update the packaging status to "R" on the AWARDS tab.

#769 Tools/Query/Packaging will now allow users to enter an "O" (other documents
needed but not required for packaging or verification) value for document status.
Workaround: N/A

#771 The document tracking status on the DEMO tab and the AWARDS tab will now
match. Workaround: Use the DOCS tab to determine what documents are received and
not received.

#804 Printing packaged or unpackaged student lists with queries based on the
Document Status (DOCSTAT) will now correctly list students meeting these criteria.
Workaround: N/A

#831 Packaging will now award Non-Need based funds when it is the only fund being
awarded. Workaround: Manually award the Non- Need based fund for the students.

#832 Negative Total Income will now be placed under the zero FISAP income
category and users will no longer receive errors when printing the FISAP-Dependent
Students list and selecting "Print Details." Workaround: Create a query in
Tools/Query/Packaging for Total Income students using this query and change the total income for these records to zero.

#935 The Date Application Received field on the AWARDS tab will no longer update
upon saving to the current system date. Workaround: N/A

#952 Users will need to make adjustments to fund balances in the Adjustment to
Beginning Balance field. The Beginning Balance field in Fund Maintenance cannot be
updated once it is saved. Workaround: All balance changes should be done using the
Adjustment to Beginning Balance field to ensure the EDExpress table values are valid.

Direct Loan

#785 After originating several Stafford loans and creating an Unsubsidized loan for
each, a database error will no longer occur. Workaround: Disable the "Prompt to
Create Unsub" in Tools/Setup/Direct Loan/System to prevent the error. Once this
setup change is made, an Unsubsidized loan can be created by opening the student's
record and adding the Unsubsidized loan.

#801 When exporting external disbursements using the selection criteria option
"Choose Selected Records", records that meet the criteria will now be displayed.
Workaround: Other selection criteria will allow you to narrow the records selected
from the database.

#805 The software will convert alpha characters from lower case to upper case for the
PIN number in the Direct Loan drawdown request as done for the password.
Workaround: Set the caps lock to enter alpha characters in upper case. The screen
displays asterisks rather than the alpha/numeric characters being typed.

#823 Importing packaging data to create first a Subsidized loan and then an
Unsubsidized loan for the same student will no longer create the unsubsidized loan
with a Subsidized ("S") loan ID. Workaround: Either create the Unsubsidized loan first
through the import process and then the Subsidized loan or use the "add" option to
create the next record.

#846 For students with multiple loan records, when users export origination data to an
external file, the Export External Flag will now update on all records instead of just the
first loan record and thus these subsequent records will no longer export every time.
Workaround: N/A

#898 A few custom/mainframe users have had instances where during the import
process EDExpress will allow a record with an incorrectly formatted date of birth
(DOB) to be imported and originated. The field should be formatted as CCYYMMDD
Workaround: Ensure all external data files use the correct date formats as documented
in the Direct Loan Technical Reference and if the origination record was or will be
rejected for this, correct the date on the origination record before exporting
DEPF/DESF batches.

CM #902 Some users have reported that when exporting Direct Loan origination
records, not all records with an "R" (ready) status are being included in the export.
This was due to corruption that had occurred in the creation of these records.
Database verification has been improved to resolve this. Workaround - If you have
Direct Loan origination records that are at an "R" status but are not exporting:

1. Create a user database field through setup option. Go to Tools|Setup|Global|User
Db| - add 1 field (name it TEST), type C, length 1. Save the created User Database file
2. Open the Demo record for the student, go to the User Database tab and save a
character (1, a, etc.) in that field. The record should now export.

#950 EDExpress will now export Subsidized and Unsubsidized disbursement records
to an external source. Workaround: N/A


#900 EDExpress will now allow SSCR records with SSNs outside the valid range for
CPS (001-01-0001 to 999-99-9999) to be imported. These records will print on the
import roster and show as skipped records. Workaround: Contact NSLDS Customer
Service for assistance in working with the file.

If you have any questions, please contact CPS Customer Service at 1-800-330-5947
or via e-mail at CPS@NCS.COM.

Last Modified: 08/16/1999