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EDExpress for Windows Version 3.5 Fixes

PublicationDate: 6/3/97
Summary: EDExpress for Windows Version 3.5 Fixes
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

TO: All EDExpress Users

FROM: U.S. Department of Education

RE: EDExpress for Windows version 3.5 fixes

DATE: June 3, 1997

The following is the list of Configuration Management issues that will be fixed in version
3.5 of the 1997-98 EDExpress for Windows. This Version will be distributed by June 20.


#719 External Import Add files will only update the DEMO tab if the "Update
Demographic Record?" flag in the External Import Add file is set to "Y".

#721 The Print Setup option has been removed from the File menu bar and all File/Print
options. Print setup will continue to default to the user's Microsoft Windows defaults.

#723 The Document Tracking letter function has been rewritten without Crystal Reports
to prevent the compression of user-defined letter text during printing of multiple
Document Tracking letters. Workaround: Contact CPS Customer Service at

#762 The General Protection Fault error message some users were experiencing if the
space bar was hit after clicking on the Print icon will no longer occur.

#768 Users can clear the Crystal Reports database using the Tools/Utilities/Global/Clear
Files function. This will resolve the printing of duplicate Document Tracking letters and
Mailing Labels.


#652 ISIR corrections entered and saved on the SAR/ISIR tab will now correctly export
the Professional Judgment flag (field #121). Workaround: Use Quick Correction function
to process Professional Judgment corrections; this function will export the flag

#675 VOBE will sequence batch ID's on application export batches. Workaround(s):
Combine multiple files before running through VOBE, only create one file per day, or
manually edit export batch ID's before transmitting to the CPS.

#684 The FAA Entry module will require the student's number of family members to be
greater than "01" if the user answers "Yes" to the dependency status question "Do you
have legal dependents (other than a spouse)?"

#806 When a user changes the Current SSN on the DEMO tab and then enters a renewal
application, the CPS will not reject the application because the student record is not on
CPS database. Workaround: Enter the renewal application and then change the SSN on
the DEMO tab.


#662 The package and repackage functions will not be allowed on student records if the
enrollment status fields that correspond to the Academic Year Profile code on the
AWARDS tab are left blank.

#668 The Packaging External Export function will export user-defined field data if
"Include user database?" is selected on the export screen.

#698 The Packaging External Export function will export fund codes and fund amounts.

#755 The Pell table will include the valid 3/4-time Pell award value for an EFC range of
1701-1800 and Cost of Attendance of 2700-99999. Workaround: Manually adjust Pell
award on Awarded Funds screen on AWARDS tab for affected students.

#758 The Packaging algorithm will check defined award minimums and maximums for an
Unsubsidized loan in an Award Methodology setup and award accordingly.
Workaround: Manually adjust Unsubsidized loan amounts on Awarded Funds screen
on AWARDS tab for affected students.


#720 The last page of a 30-Day Warning Report will print upon import of a DIWR98OP
file. Workaround: Print the DIWR file from a DOS prompt (or from any text file reader or
word processing program), as it is an ASCII text file in a printable, readable format. This
workaround will continue to apply to 1996-97 EDExpress for Windows as well.

#776 Queries on Promissory Note Received Date, Promissory Note Sent Date, and/or
Promissory Note Confirmation Date will function properly when attached to a Direct
Loan Origination External Export as selection criteria.


#779 As a result of the integration testing between EDExpress and NSLDS, changes
were made to EDExpress to ease SSCR importing and processing. These changes

1) Adding the selections of "Ad-Hoc" or "Errors" to SSCR Manual Batch Export screen.

a) If "Ad-Hoc" is selected, all SSCR records at an "R" status that
EDExpress determines were created manually will be exported.

b) If "Errors" is selected, all SSCR records at an "R" status that
EDExpress determines were updated due to an SSCR error file (SSCE98OP) will be

2) The SSCR Manual Batch Regenerate function will determine whether a
batch was "Ad-Hoc" or "Errors" and adjust accordingly. Note: The term "Ad-Hoc"
SSCR is the same as "Manual" in EDExpress. You should not send both Ad-Hoc and
Error batches on the same day to NSLDS.

Please contact CPS Customer Service at 1-800-330-5947 or CPS@NCS.COM if you have
any questions regarding this message.

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