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EDExpress for Windows software tutorial

PublicationDate: 7/30/96
Summary: EDExpress for Windows software tutorial
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

TO: EDExpress Users
FROM: Department of Education
DATE: July 30, 1996
RE: EDExpress for Windows software tutorial

The Department of Education is pleased to announce the tutorial for
1996-97 Windows EDExpress software, available free on CD-ROM
and 3 1/2" disks. This tutorial can be used to train new and current
staff in the Application, Packaging, and Direct Loan modules of
EDExpress, along with providing an overview of the EDE process.
Distribution of the tutorial was launched at NASFAA.

Due to the size and scope of this program, the tutorial takes 17 disks
and requires significant hard disk drive space. For these reasons, we
recommend the CD-ROM version if your office has any access
whatsoever to a CD-ROM drive (ie, a PC lab on campus).
For those who didn't attend NASFAA, you can receive a copy of the
tutorial by sending an Internet message to CPS@NCS.COM or
contacting Customer Service and use the Automated Customer
Service option.

To use the automated option, call 1-800-330-5947, enter your
TG5 ID, and select 1 for CPS Automated Customer Service. Next
select 4 to request software and then select 1 to request the software
tutorial. Speak slowly and clearly to ensure we can properly identify
your request.

Whichever way you choose to request the tutorial, please include
your name, TG5 ID, Institution Name and Mailing Address, phone
number, and the type of media (CD-ROM or disk) you want.

Limited quantities of the tutorial on disk and CD-ROM are available.

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