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EDExpress Release Information

PublicationDate: 3/27/97
Summary: EDExpress Release Information
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

To: All Destination Points
From: CPS Customer Service
Re: EDExpress Release Information

The distribution of EDExpress for Windows version 3.3 is scheduled to
start the week of 3/31/97. The major modification to this software is the
rewrite of ISIR print (CM #598). The Department of Education
requested the software be rewritten without the Crystal Report utility.
In version 3.3, the ISIR printing speed should be similar to the previous
year's Windows versions. In addition, the software will allow printing
more than 20 ISIRs per print job.

The following Configuration Management requests have been
implemented in version 3.3:

#488 When printing notes from the Notepad table, the name will print
along with the Social Security Number.

#536 VOBE is now accepting records with the mailing state of CN or
MX with five zeros as the zip code.

#545 Page 4 of the ISIR can now be accessed when an invalid Date
Application Signed is on the ISIR.

#560 When printing LIST-ENTERED APPLICATIONS, the option for
selecting records based on Transaction Status is available.

#566 The following NSLDS data fields on the ISIR will print correctly:

1. When current hold code is six zeros, it will not print blank.
2. The active bankruptcy and defaulted loan flags will print N (No)
when the value is blank.
3. If outstanding principal balance is blank, blank will print rather than
4. Region code will always print.

#567 Setting up assumed institution from Tools | Setup | App Express |
system will now allow the use of E and G codes.

#592 The error some users were encountering when importing a second
RADD file has been corrected. This was caused when importing a
duplicate RADD file containing an applicant with an apostrophe (for
example, O') in the two character name identifier.

#600 If using the institution range as part of the selection criteria, the
institution code can begin with an "E" or "G".

#637 On the Demographic (DEMO) Tab, the Document Status flag is
updated to "C" (All documents are satisfied) once documents are marked
as received.

#638 On the DEMO Tab, the Document Status flag is updated to "V"
(Required for verification) when a document required for verification is
not satisfied.

#640 When an ISIR is imported into Packaging, the Verification Status
on the DEMO tab is updated. This is changed in version 3.3 to not
update as specified.

#641 When the first ISIR is imported and the DEMO record created, the
verification status on the DEMO tab is set to "S" (selected) on any ISIRs
imported after version 3.3 is installed if the ISIR is selected for

#661 During the Process | Add Documents, all students with a qualifying
Pell Verification status value will receive documents required for
verification (regardless if an ISIR is present).

#665 The Pell Total field will be updated during the SAVE process after
the Pell Award is manually modified.

#680 In Fund Maintenance, the fund balances were being incorrectly
calculated when more than 20 funds were defined.

In the next release of EDExpress which you will receive by May 10,
1997, these components will be available:

1. ESOA Import and Print

2. Student Entry

3. Verification Worksheet tab

4. SSCR tab, print, and imports (please use the 1996-97 EDExpress
software for processing SSCR files until this 1997-98 release is received
containing SSCR)

5. Direct Loan components:
a. Measurement Tools
b. LOC Net Amount List
c. Anticipated/Actual Disbursement List
d. In School Deferment Form print

If you have any questions about the information above, please contact
CPS Customer Service at 1-800-330-5947, option 8.

Last Modified: 08/16/1999