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EDExpress DL module information

PublicationDate: 10/2/96
Summary: EDExpress DL module information
Author: DLTF - Direct Loan Task Force

To : Direct Loan Destination Points
From: DL Technical Customer Service
Date : October 2, 1996
Re : EDExpress DL module information

1. (316) Level 1 and 2 Direct Loan schools: When the anticipated disbursement
gross amounts being sent on promissory notes differ from what the Loan
Origination Center (LOC) has for the origination record, the LOC will manually
change the amounts for the origination records in their database and will send
back to the school the DIPA files with the new gross anticipated disbursement

If a school receives this data in the DIPA files, and the promissory note
acknowledgement is skipped by EDExpress, the school should contact the
LOC to re-acknowledge the record(s) skipped.

2. (349) In query under the current version of EDExpress for Windows, cancel
code and anticipated cancel code values should be yes or blank. Queries
written with these codes result in a "type mismatch" database error when
these queries are run. We will correct this problem in Windows version 2.6.
In the meantime, we recommend not using these codes in creating your queries.

3. (372) Under File/Print/Direct Loans/Multiple in the current version of
EDExpress for Windows, printed lists for anticipated or pending disbursements
show $0 for total amounts when the TOTALS ONLY option has been selected.
This will be corrected in Windows version 2.6. Until version 2.6 is released,
users will have to deselect the Totals only box, print the report to a file or screen,
page down through the printed list and view totals at the end of the list.

4. (375) Currently, in the Direct Loan Module of EDExpress for Windows, you
can make and save changes to the anticipated dates after the loan record has
been originated. However if you tab through the Loan Period Code on the first
screen of the loan record, the dates will default back to the anticipated dates
which were defined previously. We will make a change in Windows version 2.6
to correctly accept any new dates entered. Until version 2.6 is released,
please avoid tabbing through the Loan Period Code fields if you have
changed the anticipated dates.

For any questions on these issues, please call DL Technical Customer Service at
1-800-330-5947, option 3.

Last Modified: 08/16/1999