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EDExpress Configuration Management Issues

PublicationDate: 6/23/97
Summary: EDExpress Configuration Management Issues
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

To: EDExpress Users

From: CPS Customer Service

Re: EDExpress Configuration Management Issues

Date: June 23, 1997

The following is a current list of Configuration Management issues for the 1997-98
EDExpress for Windows. Workarounds are offered where applicable:


#580 The Clear Files utility does not reset any of the HAS_XXX flags. Workaround:
Run the Database Verification utility to reset flags.

#800 When creating File Formats in Tools, EDExpress will not allow duplicate codes for
the different set up areas (App Express; Packaging; Direct Loan). For example, if "01" is
used as a Direct Loan File Format Code, "01" can not be used in either App Express or
Packaging as a file format code. Until the software is changed, we recommend you do
not duplicate file format codes across functional areas. Workaround: Use unique file
format codes.

#811 If the extra four digits of the zip code are entered on the DEMO tab after entering
the FAFSA, exporting the FAFSA record will create a record that will reject at CPS.
Workaround(s): Leave the extra four digits blank, fill in the extra four digits on the
DEMO tab before creating the FAFSA record, or enter the extra four digits on the DEMO
tab after exporting the FAFSA record.

#821 List- Document Tracking by Document Code will cause an ODBC error message to
occur if you select "multiple" and choose a specific document code. Workaround: Print
the list for all document codes instead of just one code.

Application Processing

#628 Tools/Query/ISIR only allows one byte to be entered for Reprocessed Reason
Code. Since this is a two-byte field, no records will ever be selected using this query.
Likewise, the File Format Print only shows Reprocessed Reason Code as one byte. This
will be corrected in the 98-99 software.

#669 List-Entered Correction Records will display the same fields multiple times if a user
has made corrections on different transactions for the same SSN. Workaround: Delete
the corrections from previous transactions or ignore the duplicate fields.

#670 The asset information in Section G for renewal applications is not populating upon
import of the RADD file. Workaround: Key enter the asset information on the FAFSA

#695 Users cannot print a List-Entered Corrections using Trans Status for selection
criteria. Workaround: Export all corrections and then print a list of entered corrections
using batch ID for selection criteria and this will list all records in the batch.

#715 When creating corrections on the SAR/ISIR tab, the Entry Date for the correction
is using the Date Application Received of the transaction being corrected. This date
then gets sent as the Transaction Receipt Date for the new correction record. It also
affects printing a complete List-Entered Corrections using the Add Date Range for
selection criteria. Workaround: The Entry Date field can be manually changed on the
SAR/ISIR tab to reflect the current date.

#724 If, after importing ISIR records, a user wants to print a List-Processed ISIRs by
Add Date range selection criteria, they will get the error "Cannot Get SQL" and then will
be taken out of the program. Workaround: Exit and restart EDExpress after importing
ISIRs before attempting to print.

#726 List- Processed ISIRs prints the current Social Security Number instead of the
original Social Security Number. EDExpress saves the student record under the original
SSN so if you click on File | Open and enter the SSN from this list, you will receive a "no
records selected" message. Workaround: Click on File | Open | ISIRs and click on the
student's name in the pick list.


#673 If documents that are required for packaging are marked as received and saved on
the DOCS tab, the packaging status on the AWARDS tab is not automatically updating
to an "R" status. Workaround: Either save the packaging record from the AWARDS
tab after updating documents or update documents using multiple entry, which will
automatically update the packaging status on the AWARDS tab.

#769 Tools/Query/Packaging does not allow users to enter an "O" value for document
status. This will be corrected in the 98-99 software.

#771 The document tracking status on the DEMO tab and the AWARDS tab do not
always match as they should. This will be corrected in the 98-99 software.


#763 The SSCR screen does not show the user which fields must be filled in to change
the `N' status flag to an `R' to send to NSLDS. Workaround: The three required fields
that must be filled in are Enrollment Status, Anticipated Completion Date and Date
Enrollment Status Effective.

Direct Loan

#725, #781, #783 The LOC is now rejecting change records for the loan cancellation flag
and the anticipated disbursement cancellation flags if (1) there are actual disbursements
for the loan and (2) the actual disbursement cancellation records have not been
processed for the loan. Because of this LOC system change, EDExpress users'
disbursement or loan cancellations will be rejected if they are received by the LOC prior
to the actual disbursement cancellation records.

To avoid having cancellation change records rejected, Direct Loan schools using
EDExpress should (1) export, (2) send, and (3) receive back and import the
acknowledgments for the CANCELED DISBURSEMENT (DESD) records prior to
exporting and sending the change cancellation (DESC) records for those loans.

Prior to exporting changes which may include cancellations, run a List Disbursements
report using a query set up to find canceled disbursement records that do not have a
disbursement status of "A" (accepted). When exporting these change records, use the
selection criteria option "Choose selected records" to exclude the loans associated with
those disbursements. This will ensure that the LOC will receive and process the actual
disbursement cancellations before receiving the change records canceling the loan or
anticipated disbursement(s).

However, if you do receive cancellation change records rejects, please call the LOC for
assistance at 1-800-848-0978.

#764 Yes/No fields such as Borrower Signed Flag, Loan Cancellation Flag, Manifest
Flag, and Altered Note are exported as "1" and "0" rather than "Y" and "N" when
exporting loans to an external file. In order to use this data you will have to modify your
external system to utilize the values of "1" and "0".

#785 After originating several Stafford loans and creating an Unsubsidized loan for
each, a database error can occur. Workaround: Disabling the "Prompt to Create Unsub"
in Tools | Setup | Direct Loan | System prevents the error. Once this Set Up change is
made, an Unsubsidized loan can be created by opening the student's record and adding
the Unsubsidized loan.

#798 When a Demo field change is made and there are multiple loans for that student, if
the same demo change is sent for more than one of the loans, the LOC will process and
send the duplicate change back with the Accepted but not applied reject code (75).
Schools using EDExpress do not need to take any action to resolve this code.

#801 Export External Disbursements: When the selection criteria option "Choose
Selected Records" is used, no records are selected even if records qualify based on the
other selection criteria use. Other selection criteria listed will allow you to narrow the
records selected from the database for the external disbursement export.

#805 In processing Direct Loan drawdown requests, EDPMS requires alpha characters
in the password and PIN to be upper case. The 97-98 EDExpress software is currently
converting alpha characters from lower case to upper case for the drawdown password
but not for the PIN. Any destination that uses the Direct Loan Export Drawdown
Request in the EDExpress software and has an alpha character in their PIN will need to
shift or engage the caps lock to enter alpha characters in upper case. Please note that
your screen displays asterisks rather than the alpha/numeric characters being typed.

If you have any questions, please call CPS Customer Service at 1-800-330-5947.

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