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PublicationDate: 4/1/96
Author: PSS - Program Systems Service

April 1, 1996


A few institutions have reported a problem with release 4.2 of the 1995-96 Pell Payment PC software. THE PROBLEM WILL WIPE OUT YOUR PEL9596 DATABASES UNLESS YOU FOLLOW THE PREVENTIVE ACTIONS BELOW.

Condition: User successfully completes installation of the new release, exits DOS, returns to EDExpress, and attempts to execute the Pell Payment PC software. User then receives one or both of the following error messages:

Error DBFNTX/1001 Open error: C:
Quit Retry Default

Error DBFNTX/1001 Open error: C:
Quit Retry Default

Preventive Action:
1. If you receive either one of these messages, SELECT "Quit"; DO NOT select "Default" or "Retry". "Quit" will cause you to exit EDExpress.
2. Return to DOS and the Pell Payment directory, i.e., the path and directory into which you installed the software and where your PEL9596 databases resides.
3. Type PELLPAY6 and press enter. Logon, then logoff. This allows the software to rebuild your databases and correct the database errors. THIS ONE TIME EXECUTION UNDER DOS WILL FIX THE ABOVE ERRORS AND KEEP YOUR PEL9596 DATABASES INTACT.
4. Resume your normal execution of the Pell Payment PC software through EDExpress.

Not all users have experienced this problem, and we continue to research other underlying conditions which may cause these errors.

BEFORE you install release the 4.2 release, we recommend that you take the following precautions:

1. Backup your existing databases either through the Pell Payment PC software Utilities|Backup option or through your own software.
2. DOS 6.22 users should run SCANDISK before installing release 4.2. Other DOS users should run CHKDSK /F. Users should respond positively to correcting any discrepancies found by either of these processes.
3. DOS 6.22 users should also run the DEFRAG utility to insure the integrity of their hard disk.

You may contact us at #PELL_SYSTEMS@ED.GOV on the Internet or call our HOTLINE at (202) 708-9141 for help and assistance, to report other problems with release 4.2, or to request year-to-date processed student data to rebuild your database. We regret any inconvenience to you and thank you for your cooperation.

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