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EDconnect 32-bit software

PublicationDate: 5/18/99
Summary: EDconnect 32-bit software
Author: PSS - Program Systems Service

Posted on May 18, 1999

To: All Title IV WAN Destination Points

From: U.S. Department of Education 1999 Message #9

Re: EDconnect 32-bit software

Date: May 19, 1999

If you process data on a PC or if you process data on a mainframe system and you TRANSMIT
all your data through Title IV WAN using a PC and EDconnect software:

You must convert to EDconnect for Windows 32-bit software by June 15, 1999.

If you have not received EDconnect for Windows 32-bit software or if you have questions
concerning this issue, please call Title IV WAN customer service at 1-800-615-1189 or
via electronic mail at T4WAN@NCS.COM.

Last Modified: 08/16/1999