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PublicationDate: 12/23/97
Author: AFMS - Accounting and Financial Management Service

Posted on December 22, 1997, corrected December 23, 1997

EDITOR's Note: When we originally posted this announcement, it erroneously
stated that implementation of the new EDCAPS/GAPS is scheduled for March 1997.
The correct date is March 1998. We apologize for the error.
Education's Central Automated Processing System (EDCAPS)
Grants Administration and Payment System (GAPS)

Implementation of the Department's new Grant Payment System is scheduled for
March 1998.

In the near future, this bulletin board will list additional information-- how to prepare,
exact dates, and other details. Business officers with questions regarding their
drawdowns should contact their payment account representative.

Donald Rappaport
Chief Financial and Chief Information Officer

Last Modified: 08/16/1999