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DL Issues and workarounds

PublicationDate: 8/16/96
Summary: DL Issues and workarounds
Author: DLTF - Direct Loan Task Force

To: DL Destination Points
From: DL Technical Customer Service
Date: August 16, 1996
Re: DL Issues and workarounds

1. (273) When a loan origination record is sent to a printer, the totals for gross, fee,
and net actual disbursements may differ (due to the inclusion of cancelled amounts)
from what is displayed for the loan origination record on the screen. This will be fixed
in version 2.5 of EDExpress.

2. (255) In a Novell LAN environment, some users are experiencing database errors
and system errors when trying to print prom notes at the same time other users are
working on loan records. These errors can cause the record updates not to be saved.

To prevent these errors, we recommend printing prom notes while no other updates are
being made to loan records. If this is not possible within your processing system, you
will need to identify the records being worked on when the errors occurred and ensure
the updates being made are saved to the database.

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