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Discontinuing the OPEnet Bulletin Board

PublicationDate: 4/14/98
Summary: Discontinuing the OPEnet Bulletin Board
Author: TIV/WAN - Title IV Wan Customer Service

Posted April 30, 1998

TO: All Title IV WAN Destination Points
RE: Discontinuing the OPEnet Bulletin Board
DATE: April 14, 1998

Beginning on May 1, 1998, OPEnet will no longer be available. This is an optional
bulletin board system distributed by Title IV WAN. The software will not be available
to order, it will not be supported by Title IV WAN customer service and the service
itself will be terminated. The Information for Financial Aid Professionals web site
(IFAP) and SFA BBS are both alternative tools that will allow you to view and/or
download information on ED policies, regulations, Dear Colleague letters, SFA
Handbooks, Guides and other SFA publications. The URL for IFAP is: Though the SFA BBS will be retired later this year, the
current URL for the SFA BBS web page is:

This will NOT affect your ability to send and receive data through EDconnect and
to go on-line with NET*CONNECT.

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