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Deadline for Converting to EDconn32 Extended

PublicationDate: 6/21/99
Summary: Deadline for Converting to EDconn32 Extended
Author: TIV/WAN - Title IV Wan Customer Service

To: All Title IV WAN Destination Points
From: U.S. Department of Education
Re: Deadline for Converting to EDconn32 Extended

Date: June 18, 1999

The EDconn32 conversion deadline has been extended to July 31, 1999. Although we have extended the deadline please install and convert to the EDconn32 software as soon as you can.

We have posted frequently asked questions (FAQ's) at the SFATECH website ( to aid in your installation and conversion and are posting answers daily to questions on the SFATECH's listserve.


DO NOT install the EDconnect 32-bit V3.0.1 software if you currently use a mainframe system to send and receive your data through Title IV WAN.

If your school sends and receives data through Title IV WAN using BOTH a PC and a mainframe system, **DO NOT install the EDconnect 32-bit V3.01 software. Please continue to use EDconnect V2.3.0 until your mainframe system is ready for conversion to the new Enterprise network. If Title IV WAN Customer Service has not already contacted your institution to have the Host Evaluation Document submitted for conversion, please call 1-800-615-1189 or e-mail T4WAN@NCS.COM.

If you have questions concerning this issue, please call Title IV WAN customer service at 1-800-615-1189 or via electronic mail at T4WAN@NCS.COM.

Last Modified: 08/16/1999