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Current Status of NSLDS SSCR Process

PublicationDate: 10/15/96
Summary: Current Status of NSLDS SSCR Process
Author: NSLDS - National Student Loan Data System

October 15, 1996

From: U.S. Department of Education
To: NSLDS Users
Subject: Current Status of NSLDS SSCR Process

The Department has sent more than 4,500 Student Status
Confirmation Rosters to schools and servicers to date. The deadline
for returning the rosters remains October 15. Schools that have not
returned rosters should continue working on them and return them as
quickly as possible. Regional ED staff are calling schools that have
not returned rosters. They are available to answer questions and
assist with the processing.

Rosters are being reviewed by schools and returned to NSLDS.
However, those rosters are not yet being processed by NSLDS and
Error/Acknowledgment files are not yet being sent to schools or
servicers. Early results from processing schools' returned rosters
indicated a need for software changes which would facilitate easier
handling of error/acknowledgement files by schools. To that end,
NSLDS is installing a series of software changes. These changes will
be in place before the middle of November, at which time schools
and servicers will be sent their error/acknowledgment files.

If you have already returned your roster, do not submit on-line
enrollment status changes for students on the roster because the
changes will be overridden with the processing of the roster. Once
you receive the error/acknowledgment file, you may then submit
changes on-line for those students on the file.

ED is working closely with the National Student Loan
Clearinghouse, as well as other servicers, to ensure smooth
processing. Many files have been received from the Clearinghouse
already, and we expect to receive an even larger number of them in
the next few days.

We appreciate your understanding as we continue our work to make
NSLDS serve you better.

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