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Cumulative List of Direct Loan Configuration Management Issues in EDExpress

PublicationDate: 6/12/98
Summary: Cumulative List of Direct Loan Configuration Management Issues in EDExpress
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

Posted June 12, 1998

TO: EDExpress Direct Loan Users
FROM: CPS Customer Service
RE: Cumulative List of Direct Loan Configuration Management Issues in

We wish to inform users of the current issues and related workarounds in the Direct
Loan module of 1998-99 EDExpress. You received an earlier notification regarding 1350,
the rest of the CMs are new.

CM 1304: When printing multiple notes it always prints in SSN order even if last name
order is specified.

Workaround: There is no current workaround for this CM.

CM 1350: Printing promissory notes using the combined note feature: The promissory
note status will not update to "P" (Printed) on all loans when promissory notes are
printed from the main print menu when using the "multiple" and "combine notes"
features together. This print process will print all promissory notes for loans with a
promissory note status "R" (Ready). However, some of the promissory note statuses
remain at a "R" status rather than updating to a "P" status.

Workaround: Since all promissory notes print successfully when using combined notes,
you can continue to print using multiple, combined notes. However, in order to update
all records to a "P" status after printing a batch of promissory notes, you must reprint
the promissory notes, routing the output to a file, and use all the same criteria except for
the "combine notes" option. This second print job will update all promissory note
statuses to "P" that were not updated when first printed.

CM 1363: When importing Stafford origination records the demo tab was filled with the
local address instead of the permanent address, thus the wrong address prints on the
prom note if the user selects permanent to print.

Workaround: Import the permanent address only via external import add and the
demographic record will be populated with the correct address.

CM 1405: There is currently a problem with the Totals on the DLSAS Loan Detail report.
This report is generated upon import of a DLSAS (DSAS99OP). EDExpress is incorrectly
calculating the Total Unbooked Actual Disbursements, Total Unbooked Actual
Adjustments, Total Unbooked Actual Cancellations and the Number of Detail Records
Accepted but Not Applied on the Loan Detail report.

Workaround: The LOC will send a separate report containing the correct values for the
fields being calculated incorrectly. The message class containing this report is
EDM599OP.*. This report will be sent to the school along with each DSAS99OP file. To
import the EDM599OP.*, follow these steps:

1) Start EDExpress 4.2
2) Select Tools/Setup/Global/ED Initiated Imports
3) Enter "DLSAS Loan Detail" as the Import Report Name for EDM599OP, click "OK"
and click "Yes" to Save Changes.
4) Return to the main menu and select File/Import/App Express
5) Select "DLSAS Loan Detail" for Import Type
6) Select the Import File and Report Destination and click "OK"

CM 1423: Printing promissory notes from a PC running Windows NT: Promissory notes
printed from a PC running Windows NT Workstation 4.0 may not align correctly unless
the printer is named HP LaserJet 3, HP LaserJet 4 or HP LaserJet 5. These names must be
used no matter what printer driver is installed.

Workaround: To add a printer with one of the required names follow the steps below.

1) Exit EDExpress 4.2
2) Click Start, Settings, Printers
3) Double-click on "Add Printer"
4) Select MY COMPUTER (even if you have a network printer) and click "Next"
5) Choose the port. If the printer is attached directly to the PC, choose LPT1. If the
printer is attached through a network connection, locate the correct network path from
the list and check the associated box. Click "Next"
6) Select the printer manufacturer and the printer driver, then click "Next" If this printer
driver has been previously installed, choose to keep the existing driver when prompted.
Click "Next"
7) Name the printer HP LaserJet 3, HP LaserJet 4 or HP LaserJet 5. These names are the
key to getting the promissory note to align correctly. Please notice the H, P, L and J are
all capitalized and there is a space between HP and LaserJet and LaserJet and the number
(3, 4 or 5). Click "Next"
8) Select "shared" or "not shared". If you are unsure, leave it unchanged. Click "Next"
9) Select "no" when prompted to print a test page. Click "Finish"
10) Open EDExpress 4.2 and print a promissory note using the newly installed printer.

If the alignment is still incorrect, follow these procedures and select a different printer
driver. If the default driver for your printer does not print correctly, install the HP
LaserJet III, IIISi, 4Si and 5Si printer drivers. Be sure to name these HP LaserJet 3, HP
LaserJet 4 or HP LaserJet 5, respectively.

CM 1422: EDExpress will not generate a canceled disbursement record if you cancel a
disbursement, save the record, and then cancel another disbursement before the first
canceled disbursement has been accepted.

Workaround: If you have multiple disbursements to be canceled, you must cancel all
disbursements before the record is saved, or do not cancel additional disbursements
until the prior cancelled disbursement has been accepted.

We apologize for any inconvenience these problems may have caused. If you have any
questions, please contact CPS Customer Service at 1-800-330-5947, option 3 or via e-mail

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