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Creating Pell Origination Records in EDExpress

PublicationDate: 6/22/99
Summary: Creating Pell Origination Records in EDExpress
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

Posted on June 22, 1999

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FROM: CPS Customer Service
RE: Creating Pell Origination Records in EDExpress

This week's tip highlights a new process in 1999-2000 EDExpress:
Creating Pell Origination Records in EDExpress

When you install the 1999-2000 EDExpress Version 5.2, functionality will be added that will allow you to create and process Pell Origination records. Pell Origination records are your means of reporting eligibility and estimated disbursement information to the Pell processor for your students. You must have an accepted Origination record on file with the Pell processor for actual disbursement information to be accepted.

Pell Disbursement functionality will be added to the 1999-2000 EDExpress in Version 5.3, which you should receive by mid-July, 1999.

There are three different means of creating Pell Origination records in Version 5.2, which we have highlighted for you below:

1) Manual Entry: To create a manual Pell Origination record, go to Filein EDExpress and enter the student's Social Security Number. This will give you access to the Demo tab. Fill in all appropriate information and save the Demo tab in order to activate access to the other tabs. You can then access the Pell Grant tab and enter all relevant information for the student to prepare the record for transmission.

NOTE: If you create a manual Pell Origination record, you should have a processed SAR/ISIR available to reference so you can verify SSN, name ID and EFC information. The Pell processor will reject origination records not based on a valid, Pell-eligible SAR/ISIR transaction.

If you have ISIR data imported for the student but wish to create your Pell Origination record manually, you need to go to File(instead Of Fileswitch to the Pell Grant tab and enter all relevant information for the student to prepare the record for transmission.

2) ISIR import: To create Pell Origination records based on ISIR data you have imported into the EDExpress Application Processing module, go to FileData - ISIRs. There is a variety of selection criteria available for you to choose from to limit the number of records you import. These include ISIR processed date range, pre-defined queries (such as EFC range, ISIR batch number, and last name range), and the choice to only import new eligible ISIRs or Packaging data.

When your import is complete, the origination records you have created will have information populated in several fields (such as EFC and Verification Status), thus reducing the amount of manual entry you'd need to perform to prepare the record for export to the processor.

3) External Origination Add: Pell Origination data can be imported from a third-party software or mainframe system into EDExpress to create origination records for export and processing. To import Pell Origination data into EDExpress, you must follow the record layout format provided via File- External Origination Add Record. Record layouts for Pell import and export files can also be found on the Department's IFAP web site at

Keep in mind you can only use the External Add import process once to add an Origination record for a student --- if you receive new ISIR transactions later in the year that change the student's Pell eligibility, adjustments will need to be made in EDExpress on the Pell tab.

When you have created your Pell Origination records and populated all relevant fields, save the record. If any required information is missing, you will be prompted with edit messages to provide that information. If the record passes all edits, you can set the record to a ready-to-send status (Origination Status = R), then export the record via FileData. This will create a Pell Origination batch (PGOR00IN.*), which you can transmit using EDconnect.

If you have any questions regarding using EDExpress to process 1999-2000 Pell data, please contact CPS Customer Service at 800-330-5947, option 4, or via email at

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