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CPS Processing Update

PublicationDate: 10/8/96
Summary: CPS Processing Update
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

To : EDE Destination Points
From: CPS Customer Service
Date : October 8, 1996
Re : CPS Processing Update

During the week of September 27, ACT installed new quality control
reports which identified 18 batches sent to the CPS on July 14 and
15, 1996 that had not been acknowledged or processed by the CPS.
During this time, the CPS was temporarily shutdown to make a
scheduled operating system upgrade. These batches contained a total
of 1,897 records. The records were submitted for processing on
October 2, 1996 and processed results were available on October 3,

To prevent a recurrence of this problem, the CPS will implement
procedures for future system maintenance which will refuse
incoming transmissions until the system is ready to receive and
process data.

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