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CPS Internet ID

PublicationDate: 1/31/96
Summary: CPS Internet ID
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)


The Department of Education (ED) announces the Central Processing
System Internet address, CPS@IC.NCS.COM. Questions are welcomed to
this address on the following topics:

- CPS processing, edits, and matches
- EDExpress Application and Packaging software
- EDE Technical Specifications for schools with custom systems -EDExpress
Direct Loan software
- Direct Loan Technical Specifications for schools with custom systems
- Interfacing EDExpress and a mainframe
- Institution or Agency tapes and rosters -Title IV institution codes for
- PC hardware and configuration for EDExpress users

Responses will be sent to the Internet ID from which the question is received,
or by return call if requested. All messages will be answered within 24 hours
of receipt. A copy of the message and response will be forwarded to the
Department of Education Application Processing Branch for documentation

CPS will log your question in their call tracking system. The destination point
associated with your institution will be charged for a phone call for each
question received from you via the Internet (exception: Direct Loan schools
whose charges are paid for by the Department).

Please DO NOT send questions containing Privacy Act information on
individual Title IV applicants. If you have questions regarding specific
applicants or Privacy Act information, please contact the Public Inquiry
Contractor at (319)337-5665.

As always, you can continue to contact CPS Customer Service via phone
(800-330-5947) or fax (319-358-4260).

Last Modified: 08/16/1999