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CB-97-12 Available on the SFABBS

PublicationDate: 7/17/97
Summary: CB-97-12 Available on the SFABBS
Author: CSB - SFA Customer Support Branch

Dear Colleagues,

A new "Dear Colleague" letter, CB-97-12, regarding the Federal
Work-Study Program and its community service aspects, has been
posted to the SFA BBS.

This letter provides additional information in the form of Questions
and Answers on administering the Federal Work-Study (FWS)
Program. A large portion of the information addresses issues
concerning the community service aspects of the FWS Program,
especially the use of FWS students as reading tutors of preschool age
children and children in elementary school.

You can access the letter via the SFA BBS or on the web at the
following address:

We hope that this information proves useful to you.

Customer Support Branch
Student Financial Assistance Programs

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