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1999 Direct Loan Annual Conference Registration Availability

PublicationDate: 2/10/99
Summary: 1999 Direct Loan Annual Conference Registration Availability
Author: DLTF - Direct Loan Task Force

Posted February 10, 1999

TO: Members of the SFA Community
FROM: Direct Loan Task Force
RE: 1999 Direct Loan Annual Conference Registration Availability

Do you have questions about the master promissory note? Cash
management? Future technologies? Innovative practices? If so, please join
us at this year's Direct Loan Annual Conference in Washington, DC,
March 28-30, 1999. It promises to be a very informative event, with a lot of
interaction between the Department of Education and the Direct Loan
community. There will be many opportunities to discuss specific issues with
representatives from the Loan Origination Center, the Direct Loan Servicing
Center and your Client Account Manager.

Another exciting aspect of the conference is the opportunity to hear Mr. Greg
Woods' vision and goals for the future. Mr. Woods has recently been
appointed Chief Operating Officer of the Office of Student Financial
Assistance, the first Performance Based Organization in the Government. He
will give the keynote address, chair a panel discussion on the future of the
federal student loan programs and conduct a town meeting on a wide range of
issues related to the delivery of student financial aid.

If you or your colleagues plan to attend, you must register by February 26,
1999. Hotel reservations must also be made by that date to get the conference
rate at the hotel. If you haven't registered, please take a few moments now
to visit our web site at ( for more
information and to register for the conference on line. Hope to see you there!

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