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1999-2000 Renewal Application Data (RAD) Request Process

PublicationDate: 9/3/98
Summary: 1999-2000 Renewal Application Data (RAD) Request Process
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

Posted September 3, 1998

TO: All EDE Destination Points
FROM: U.S. Department of Education
RE: 1999-2000 Renewal Application Data (RAD) Request Process

We are pleased to announce that eligible EDE destination points can begin making Renewal Application Data (RAD) requests electronically for the 1999-2000 academic cycle beginning October 5, 1998. Requests will be processed daily by the CPS beginning October 12, 1998. If you want the CPS to print Renewal Applications and bulk mail them to the school, you must make your RAD request on or prior to November 6, 1998. As always, an electronic file is also generated and put in your destination point's mailbox.

You can continue to make RAD requests after November 6, but you will only receive an electronic RAD data file (RADD00OP).

Action Letter #1, explaining the RAD request process in detail, will be posted to the IFAP web page (at for download and printing no later than September 11, 1998. Action Letters for the 1999-2000 cycle and beyond will not be mailed to users.

To participate in the Renewal Application process via EDE please ensure the following two items are correct:

1. You are productional for either electronic automatic ISIRs or renewal applications for 1998-1999 or 1999-2000.

2. You are enrolled for Renewal application processing. You can verify this by checking your Title IV WAN Participation Agreement to make sure you marked the box next to either Renewal Applications or all EDE services.

Institutions not properly enrolled for Renewal Applications will receive error messages or rejected batches (message class EREP00OP), or both, when trying to make a RAD request.

You can verify your current enrollment status by using Title IV WAN On-line Query or by calling Title IV WAN Customer Service at 1-800-615-1189.

If you have any questions regarding the RAD request process, please contact CPS Customer Service at 1-800-330-5947, option 8 then option 1, or via e-mail at CPS@NCS.COM.

Last Modified: 08/16/1999