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1998-99 Processing Status Update # 8

PublicationDate: 3/9/98
Summary: 1998-99 Processing Status Update # 8
Author: ODAS - Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary - SFA

Posted March 9, 1998

TO : Financial Aid Administrators
FROM : Diane Rogers
Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary
Student Financial Assistance Programs

SUBJECT: 1998-99 Processing Status Update # 8

I am pleased to present you with my eighth message on the processing of the 1998-99
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). During the week of February 23-27,
we processed 313,297 applications for the 1998-99 cycle, bringing our year-to-date total
to 1,217,620 applications.

The volumes received this past week were very high and, as a result, we are working to
allocate the forms to the various processing sites in order to optimally process the
majority of forms within expected turnaround times.

As you know, each year FAFSA applications peak rapidly during each new processing
cycle. During at least two weeks of the year we have to balance turning around
applications promptly during the peak period with the cost of maintaining excess
capacity for the rest of the year. We project that the week which ended March 6th
(Week 9) will be the peak week.

In anticipation of peak applications, the Department activated its temporary, alternate
processing site on February 17th to increase processing capacity and ensure that
FAFSA would be handled promptly. The majority of forms are being processed within
the expected turnaround time. Due to the peak volume of applications, it is taking us
several additional days to complete some forms. However, the processing times remain
in an acceptable range.

The number of electronic applications are over 40 percent higher this year than this point
last year. We expect the proportion of applications submitted electronically to increase
as the filing season progresses because FAFSA on the Web is now accessible to many
more web browsers and because electronic filings have historically increased near
processing deadlines.

The following statistics are through Friday, February 27:

FAFSA and Renewal Applications

YEAR TO DATE--GRAND TOTAL 2,028,194 1,217,620
I. Paper 1,956,422 1,145,848
II. Electronic 71,772 71,772

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