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1998-99 EDExpress for Windows Version 4.1

PublicationDate: 12/30/97
Summary: 1998-99 EDExpress for Windows Version 4.1
Author: TIV/WAN - Title IV Wan Customer Service

TO: All EDE Destination Points
FROM: U.S. Department of Education
RE: 1998-99 EDExpress for Windows Version 4.1

At the time of the release of the 1998-99 EDExpress for Windows version 4.0, the
Department had not determined if the FY 1998 appropriation was sufficient to fund the
new Pell maximum of $3000 and the maximum Income Protection Allowances (IPAs).
The final determination has since been made, and the ENAS function in version 4.1 has
been updated with the final IPAs. The 1998-99 IPAs will be:


independents without dependents:

married one in college.........$7250
married both in college........$4250

In our continuing effort to control costs, version 4.1 will be made available to all
participating destination points on a REQUEST-ONLY basis. Version 4.2 is scheduled
for distribution beginning the first week of February, 1998 and will also contain the
final IPAs. If your institution does not have an immediate need to re-calculate EFCs
using EDExpress (the ENAS function), we urge you to continue processing with
version 4.0 until Version 4.2 is released in February.

Of course, if your institution needs Version 4.1 before February 1, you can request it
via Title IV WAN Customer Service's IVR phone system. There will be no charge for
this call. To request the software:

1) Call Title IV WAN Customer Service at 1-800-615-1189
2) Choose option 1
3) Enter last five digits of your Title IV WAN user ID (TG#####)
4) Choose option 9
5) Choose option 2
6) Enter the quantity you would like to receive, followed by the pound
sign (#).
7) Verify the quantity ordered is correct by pressing 1.

Version 4.1 will be sent to the destination contact and address on file for your user ID
after the quantity has been verified.

If you have any questions regarding EDExpress for Windows, please contact CPS
Customer Service at 1-800-330-5947 or via e-mail at CPS@NCS.COM. If you need
assistance requesting version 4.1, please contact Title IV WAN Customer Service at
1-800-615-1189 or via e-mail at T4WAN@NCS.COM.

Last Modified: 08/16/1999