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1997-98 Title IV Training February - April l997

PublicationDate: 12/2/96
Summary: 1997-98 Title IV Training February - April l997
Author: PTAS - Policy / Training / And Analysis Service

Posted December 2, 1996

ANNOUNCEMENT: 1997-98 Title IV Training February - April l997

This is the first announcement for a series of two-day nationwide workshops sponsored
by the U. S. Department of Education's (ED) Student Financial Assistance Programs
(SFAP). The Title IV Training will take place between February and April 1997. The
following is a description of the content of the training. Complete information on
workshop sites and dates and how to register for the training will follow in a
mid-December Dear Colleague Training Announcement.

Workshop Content

Day One

Day One will consist of new Title IV regulatory and policy information of interest to any
participating postsecondary institution.


• December 1 Cash Management/Project EASI Regulation
Required use of ED electronic processes; standardized definition of payment
period; cash management rules for requesting, maintaining and disbursing
Title IV funds, including notices and authorizations

• December 1 Financial Responsibility Regulation
Changes to requirements for annual audit report and financial statements;
brief discussion of regulatory standards for determining financial

• December 1 Record Retention Regulation
Which records must be retained for how long; acceptable formats for record


• The Higher Education Act Reauthorization Process
Description of how SFAP will develop recommendations

• Recertification of Participating Title IV Schools
Status report; frequently asked questions

• Effects of New Appropriations Legislation
Impact of increased Federal Pell and Federal Work Study appropriations

Day Two

Day Two will consist of topics that prior-year audiences have identified as needing
continued review and discussion. The sessions on this day will be aimed at individuals
with a basic understanding of the topics listed below, and are not intended to introduce
the neophyte to these areas. Financial aid office staff responsible for the functions
listed would most benefit from this day's information. These sessions will offer a great
deal of hands-on activity, such as completion of case studies.

• Verification
Requirements and processes for verifying applicant data

• Refund and Repayment Calculations
Requirements and processes for calculating Title IV refunds and repayments

• Pell Calculations
Requirements and processes for calculating Federal Pell Grant awards,
including use of 4 formulae and summer sessions

• Loan Maximums and Proration
Requirements and processes for prorating Direct Loan and FFEL annual loan
limits; determining borrower eligibility for maximum loan limits


ED is introducing a new phone-in registration system for this workshop. Details on how
to register will be included in a second announcement to be issued in mid-December.
Please wait for that announcement to register for the training.

We look forward to your participation in the Title IV Training. Please watch for complete
details in the Dear Colleague to be mailed soon.

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