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1997-98 Processing Status Update #6

PublicationDate: 1/23/97
Summary: 1997-98 Processing Status Update #6
Author: OPE - Office of the Assistant Secretary for OPE

Date : January 23, 1997

TO : Financial Aid Administrators

FROM : Betsy Hicks
Deputy Assistant Secretary for
Student Financial Aid Programs

SUBJECT: 1997-98 Processing Status: Update # 6

This is the sixth message in my series of reports to you on the status of 1997-98
application processing.

I am pleased to report that both MDEs are meeting their contractual turnaround times.
Data from all original FAFSAs and Renewal applications received through January 10
have been transmitted by the MDEs to the CPS. Please see the data below for more

======================= 1997-98 FAFSA PROCESSING STATISTICS
Report Date: January 22, 1997

No. of paper FAFSAs and 125,577
Renewal FAFSAs received
@ the FAFSA Processors
through January 17, 1997

No. of FAFSA Express Applications 1,437*
(signature pages) & FAFSA.pdf applications
received through Jan 17, 1997

No. and Percentage 94,385
Transmitted to the CPS as of the 75%
morning of the report date.

*All FAFSA Express signature pages and pdf forms have been processed.

I am also pleased to provide you with an update on the 1997-98 EDExpress software. ED
has officially signed off on version 3.1 of EDExpress. This version contains all the
necessary functionality to receive and print ISIRs, enter FAFSA (both original and
Renewal) data through FAA entry and correction data. It also has the functionality to
receive processed results of the entered FAFSA and correction data. This version will
also calculate the EFC via the ENAS module.

The software mailing was completed as of the close of business on January 20, 1997, and
was sent to destination points via priority two-day mail.

When installing the EDExpress version 3.1 software, you need to be aware of the
following: You will receive a notice when installing the software that the progress bar
will show 100% completed on diskette number 6. However, the column progress bars on
the left of the screen will continue to move through installation of the next two diskettes.
The progress bar goes to 100% because of the large files on the last three diskettes that
span these diskettes. Therefore, even though you may get a 100% progress completed
message, please make sure you install all eight EDExpress diskettes.

The direct mailing of over 7 million 1997-98 Renewal applications to students was
completed yesterday. The final 550,000 forms were mailed between January 20-22. The
CPS has already started the printing process for the late mailing of bulk Renewal
applications requested by institutions. This mailing will be completed by Tuesday,
January 28.

In the future, I will try to provide you reports each Wednesday detailing the volume of
forms received through the previous Friday and the volumes processed.

Respectfully submitted,
Betsy Hicks

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