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1997-98 Processing Issue

PublicationDate: 3/12/97
Summary: 1997-98 Processing Issue
Author: OPE - Office of the Assistant Secretary for OPE

Date: March 12, 1997

TO : Financial Aid Administrators

FROM: Jeanne B. Saunders, Director
Application & Pell Processing Systems Division

SUBJECT: 1997-98 Processing Issue

The Department has learned that some students who mailed their
1997-98 Free Applications for Federal Student Aid or Renewal
applications to the processor with the St. Louis mailing address have
received their postcards back confirming receipt, although their
applications have not been processed within the expected timeframe.

Most all of these records have been tracked, and the application
information had been transmitted in batches to the Central
Processing System (CPS) for processing in January. For various
reasons, these batches were rejected for processing by the CPS, but
were not subsequently resubmitted. ED believes that approximately
3,000 students may be affected.

Currently, we are locating and resubmitting these batches of records
for processing. After processing, each student's record should
contain its original application receipt date, which confirms the day it
was received at the St. Louis processor. Upon request, the
Department will also provide a letter to each student who may have
missed an institutional or state deadline due to this problem in order
to appeal any denial of institutional or state aid the student may have

We regret any inconvenience to the affected students, and thank you
for your patience.

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