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1997-98 Process Status: Update #14

PublicationDate: 3/19/97
Summary: 1997-98 Process Status: Update #14
Author: OPE - Office of the Assistant Secretary for OPE

Date : March 19, 1997
TO : Financial Aid Administrators
FROM : Betsy Hicks
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Student Financial Aid Programs

SUBJECT: 1997-98 Processing Status: Update # 14

This is the 14th message in my series of reports on the status of 1997-98 application
processing. I am pleased to report that we have processed more than 2.6 million
applications as of last Friday.

As is clear from the data below, we have reached the peak in the 1997/98 processing
cycle. We have been receiving for the past three weeks between 400,000 and 600,000
applications weekly, and we are processing about that number as well (note that we have
processed 557,000 thousand applications since last week's report).

I am pleased with our response to this peak in processing volumes: the MDEs and CPS
are processing large volumes and staying very close to turn-around times. When there
has been a slippage in turn-around times, it has been minor and in the range of one to
three days, or very much in line with our experience at peak periods in previous years.

There is another happy development to share with you. As of March 16, 1997, we have
processed 44,903 1997-98 FAFSA Express applications. While this number is only two
percent of total volume processed, last year at this time we had processed only 472
FAFSA Express applications. For all of 1996-97 processing to date, we have processed
65,232 FAFSA Express applications. Use of FAFSA Express is increasing, and as these
data show we should receive a far greater number of 1997/98 FAFSA Express
applications than the 65,000 we have received for 1996/97. We appreciate all your work
to promote its use.

1997-98 RECEIPTS AND PROCESSING STATISTICS Through Friday, March 14, 1997


I. Paper (FAFSAs & Renewals) 2,931,624

II. Electronic Applications - Total 93,193
A. EDExpress Apps & Renewals 48,290
B. FAFSA Express 44,903

III. Paper Corrections 341,631

IV. Electronic Corrections 11,740



I. Paper (FAFSAs & Renewals) 2,205,125 (75%)

II. Electronic Applications - Total 93,193 (100%)
A. EDExpress Apps & Renewals 48,290 (100%)
B. FAFSA Express 44,903 (100%)

III. Paper Corrections 317,891 (93%)

IV. Electronic Corrections 11,740 (100%)


* The number of applications and corrections processed and reported here are only
those transmitted to and accepted by the CPS as of noon on that Friday. You should
have received ISIRs for these records by the date of this report.

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