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1997-98 Pell Payment for Windows, Version 2.2 Distribution

PublicationDate: 2/10/98
Summary: 1997-98 Pell Payment for Windows, Version 2.2 Distribution
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

February 10, 1998

To: All EDE Destination Points
From: CPS Customer Service
RE: 1997-98 Pell Payment for Windows, Version 2.2 Distribution

We are pleased to announce the distribution of the 1997-98 Pell Payment for
Windows, Version 2.2. Distribution to all EDE destination points will begin on
February 16, 1998, and will be completed by February 24, 1998.

Version 2.2 resolves all configuration management issues related to repeating batch
sequence numbers in version 2.1
(CM #'s 963, 964, 984, 994 and 997).

The following configuration management issues will also be resolved in version 2.2:

#894 Importing a PCON98*.* file will no longer generate a Batch Summary
report. A Batch Statistics dialog box will display after import. The Batch Summary
report will have to be generated via File/Print after a batch import.

#962 Importing a PCOY98*.* file as a Year-to-Date batch will no longer
generate a Batch Summary report. A Batch Statistics dialog box will display after

#975 The Processing Activity by Student report will now accurately print
the Active Flag indicator.

#982 Using selection criteria of Database Status on the Payment Summary
report will no longer generate a "command failed" error message.

#983 "L" will no longer be an option for the Database Status drop-down box
under selection criteria for reports.

#985 The software will no longer include records with an "I" record status
(in addition to students at "R," "E," "A," or "D" status) on the Edits/Comments by
Student report when using selection criteria.

#986 The software will now correctly export student records with blank
last name codes.

#998 The pop up warning message for unreturned batches after 30 days will no
longer display for 'Reset' batches or for 'IPR only' batches.

#1009 The software will no longer encrypt existing User ID passwords if
their profiles are re-saved in Tools/Setup/Security Users.

#1011 The two-byte month codes for October, November and December (10-12)
will no longer be cut off in the "Date Changed" column on the Submission Status report
when printed to the printer.

#1012 Data recorded in the Institutional Cross-Reference field on student
records will no longer be exported to the Pell processor in PREQ98*.* files (and
hence will not be sent back in PCON98*.* files).

#1020 Enrollment status will now be a required field on student records
when Formula 5 is used for Payment Methodology.

#1032 Saving changes to the Institutional Cross-Reference field will no
longer update the Database Status on a student record.

#1033 When creating a new record, an additional pop-up message has been
added to warn users to zero out previously paid on Pell transactions for the same
student and reporting campus before creating and submitting a new transaction for
payment to the Pell processor.

#1034 The Pell Check Digit functionality has been removed from the software.

#1035 The software will now only allow the import of 1997-98 Pell data.

#1038 Institution codes can no longer be deleted from Tools/Setup/
Institution if any student records associated with that institution code exist on the

#1040 The valid field content for Cost of Attendance is now 0-99999.

#1063 Help text in the software has been updated with the current Pell
processor phone number and e-mail address for inquiries.

#1065 The software will now filter records when a specific reporting campus is
selected for regeneration.

#1116 The software will now allow dates between 1/1/98 and 6/30/98 for
Payment Change Date in external add and change files.

#1126 The software will now allow the selection of Pell batch numbers
processed in 1998 as selection criteria for reports.

#1154 Software will now allow entry of batch replacement requests for
batches not currently on the database.

If you have any questions, please contact CPS Customer Service at 1-800-330-5947,
option 4, or via e-mail at CPS@NCS.COM.

Last Modified: 08/16/1999