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1997-98 EDExpress Configuration Management Issues

PublicationDate: 9/25/97
Summary: 1997-98 EDExpress Configuration Management Issues
Author: DLTF - Direct Loan Task Force

Posted September 25, 1997

To: All Direct Loan EDExpress Users
From: CPS Customer Service
RE: 1997-98 EDExpress Configuration Management Issues

Version 3.6 of EDExpress is scheduled to start distribution the week of 9/29/97. A
separate network message will describe the changes being made to the software in this

In the Direct Loan module, there are two known issues not included in version 3.6.
These issues affect a small number of users, were found after development for version
3.6 was complete, and have workarounds. The following describes each issue and the
associated workaround:

CM #857 - Multiple institution destination points have encountered problems of
incorrect disbursement percentages being picked up in the DESF98IN file. This
problem comes from duplicate disbursement profile codes for the institutions being
serviced. For example; school #1 has disbursement codes A1 - A5 with 2
disbursements (50/50). School #2 also uses codes A1 - A5, with 4 disbursements
(25/25/25/25). School #2 disbursement profiles will overlay percentages on school
#1, percentages will read 50/50/25/25.

Workaround: Do not create matching disbursement profile codes for 2 different
institutions. If they currently exist and you are experiencing this problem, you will
need to create new, unique disbursement profile codes and update those records with
the duplicate codes. Each institution being serviced should have its own unique set of
disbursement profile codes.

CM #927 - If a user creates a user-defined query that identifies Plus data (Credit
decisions, etc.) and uses it for selection criteria when exporting origination to
external, the user must use a format that includes PLUS fields (LOAN AND PLUS or
PLUS) or the export will fail with an "Internal Application Error" message. EDExpress
will lock up in this situation as well.

Workaround - Whenever querying PLUS fields for export to external, use file formats
that include PLUS field. Either the format type "Both Loan and Plus fields" or
"Selected fields" with database type - Plus (only)" can be used.

Please contact Direct Loan Technical Customer Service at 1-800-330-5947, option 3
if you have any questions.

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