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1996-97 FAFSA Processing - Announcement #7

PublicationDate: 3/12/96
Summary: 1996-97 FAFSA Processing - Announcement #7
Author: ODAS - Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary - SFA

Announcement #7 - March 12, 1996

1996-97 FAFSA Processing Status Report

In keeping with our commitment to keep you informed
about the status of application processing for the 1996-97 award year, we are
providing this daily announcement. This announcement is number seven
in the series.

A. EDE Technical Reference

The Department has received several requests for the final 1996-97 ISIR record layout. The final
EDE Technical Reference, which contains the ISIR record layout, was made available for
downloading on OPEnet today. The SFA BBS will make this document available for
downloading in the near future.

B. Reject Codes 15 and 16

The Department has been asked to provide clarification regarding CPS reject codes 15 and 16.

Reject code 15 occurs on dependent student applications or SARs that are missing the required
parent signature.

Reject code 16 occurs on FAFSA Express applications. As released in the Department's March
7 processing update message, applications that are filed via FAFSA Express are held by the CPS
up to 21 days. If a signature page for that record is not received by the CPS during that 21-day
period, the application record is processed and receives a reject 16. For 1996-97, FAFSA
Express applications are continuing to be held by the CPS until history correction startup, which
is scheduled to begin this Friday. As indicated last week, keying and processing of signature
pages for FAFSA Express applications will be completed first. Once history correction
processing begins, all 1996-97 FAFSA Express records will be computed by the CPS.

C. Retransmitted 1996-97 ISIRS

The Department has received several questions about a message that was issued by the Central
Processing System on Friday, March 8, 1996. Following is a copy of that message. The
Department will be providing more information to you in the near future.

The Central Processing System will be transmitting an ISIR batch to any destination point who
received 1996-97 ISIRs from the processing dates 2/1/96 through 2/28/96. This batch will be
sent to the Title IV WAN network during the week of 3/11/96.

The original ISIR records that destination points received were missing the following data from
both institution and state agency ISIRs:

Record position: 1410 - assumed student earned income credit
1415 - assumed parent earned income credit
1420 - assumed student non-taxable other income
1425 - assumed parent non-taxable other income
1430 - assumed parent non-taxable AFDC
1435 - assumed parent child support
1440 - assumed legal dependents

The following fields were missing only from state agency ISIRs:

Record position: 928 - transaction type
1452 - destination number

In addition, the first nine processing dates (2/1/96 - 2/13/96) contained packed hexadecimal data
in the serial number (record position 923). In this retransmitted batch, this is corrected to contain
non-packed, numeric data.

The batch will contain ISIRs with the same transaction number for the records you already
received. You should replace those records with the new ones. THE EFC ON THE RECORDS
WAS NOT AFFECTED; the data was simply not moved to the ISIR.

For EDExpress DOS users, to add these same number transactions to your ISIR databases, you
will need to delete your ISIR database, import this new file, and then import those data files you
have received and imported for processing for dates of 2/29/96 through the current date.

If you are going to use the application module of express for windows, you should import this
new batch for processing dates 2/1/96 to 2/28/96 plus all the batches with records processed
2/29/96 and after that you have received.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause your institution(s). Please contact CPS Customer
Service at 800-330-5947 if you have any questions regarding this matter.

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