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1996-97 FAFSA Processing - Announcement #49

PublicationDate: 5/6/96
Summary: 1996-97 FAFSA Processing - Announcement #49
Author: ODAS - Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary - SFA

Announcement # 49, May 6, 1996

This is announcement number 49 in our series of daily
FAFSA updates for financial aid administrators. For
information on individual applications, parents and students
should contact 319-337-5665.

1996-97 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Processing Status Report

A. Status of Applications as of May 6, 1996

No./Percent. Expected
FAFSA No. of Paper of Paper Apps. Date to
Receipt Date Apps. Rec'd. Processed Complete
Jan 1 - Mar 31 3,544,386 3,544,386 (100%) Completed
Apr 1- Apr 15 576,989 576,989 (100%) Completed
Apr 16 - Apr 30 551,589 530,002 (93%) 14 days from receipt
SUBTOTAL: 4,672,964 4,651,377 (99%)

May 1 -May 15 133,518 48,989 14 days from receipt
TOTAL: 4,806,482 4,700,366 (97%)

Note: Expected Date to Complete reflects the date that the
Department expects all paper applications with these receipt dates
to have been entered and processed by the Central Processing

B. Because the maximum Federal Pell Grant award increased to $2,470, the Department
has reprocessed 10,905 applicant records of students that had previously been ineligible
for a Federal Pell Grant, but became eligible when the maximum award increased. The
Institutional Student Information Records from this reprocessing cycle should have
a systems generation flag and be available in your mail boxes today.

C. The Department has noted that some institutions have reported long delays in
receiving their electronic corrections from the Central Processing System (CPS). It
has come to the Department's attention that some institutions using custom EDE
software are failing to include a batch number in the batch header. If a batch number
is not included in the header, the CPS does not recognize the batch and will not process
the corrections. To determine whether your system is in compliance with the transmission
specification, your systems personnel should review the Department's EDE Technical
Reference. If your institution is using custom designed EDE software and is
experiencing delays in receiving electronic corrections, you should resubmit your
correction batches with a batch number in the header.

Thank you for your continuing patience and assistance in support of the Federal
student aid programs.

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