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1996-97 FAFSA Processing - Announcement #46

PublicationDate: 5/1/96
Summary: 1996-97 FAFSA Processing - Announcement #46
Author: ODAS - Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary - SFA

Announcement # 46, May 1, 1996

This is announcement number 46 in our series of daily
FAFSA updates for financial aid administrators. For
information on individual applications, parents and students
should contact 319-337-5665.

1996-97 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Processing Status Report

A. Status of Applications as of April 30, 1996

No./Percent. Expected
FAFSA No. of Paper of Paper Apps. Date to
Receipt Date Apps. Rec'd. Processed Complete
Jan 1 - Mar 31 3,544,386 3,544,386 (100%) Completed
Apr 1- Apr 15 576,989 576,989 (100%) Completed
Apr 16 - Apr 30 551,509 445,854 (81%) 14 days from receipt
TOTAL: 4,672,884 4,567,229 (98%)

Note: Expected Date to Complete reflects the date that the
Department expects all paper applications with these receipt dates
to have been entered and processed by the Central Processing

B. Reject 1 Edit

The Department would like to confirm that the edit for Reject 1 in
the CPS is working correctly. The edit was developed to reject
applications for students that did not meet the simplified needs test
and had not completed any supplemental data. Supplemental data
is the information in Section G, the area on the form that collects
asset information. Age of older parent is one of the pieces of
supplemental data that is collected in this section as it is used in the
formula to compute the asset protection allowance. Thus, if this
field is completed by the applicant, the student’s record will not be

C. EFC Computation Change

The Department would like to announce a change to its compute
system. This change results from the change in the Maximum Pell
Award, one of the parameters used in several compute edits. The
Central Processing System change is effective as of today’s
compute. Some records that were processed before today will
need to undergo reprocessing. The CPS will be identifying these
records and will be announcing shortly the projected number of
records that will be affected by this change. This information will
be released in the next few days so that institutions can prepare to
receive the reprocessed records.

D. EDExpress release

The Department would like to announce that distribution of the
following items is expected to begin tomorrow.

EDExpress '95-96 v1.3
Windows conversion '95-96 v1.2
Installation Guide '95-96 v1.3
EDExpress conversion letter

EDExpress '96-97 v2.2
Windows conversion v2.2
Installation Guide
EDExpress Technical Reference

Thank you for your continued support.

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