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1996-97 FAFSA Processing - Announcement #44

PublicationDate: 4/29/96
Summary: 1996-97 FAFSA Processing - Announcement #44
Author: ODAS - Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary - SFA

Announcement # 44, April 29, 1996

This is announcement number 44 in our series of daily
FAFSA updates for financial aid administrators. For
information on individual applications, parents and students
should contact 319-337-5665.

1996-97 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Processing Status Report

A. Status of Applications as of April 28, 1996

No./Percent. Expected
FAFSA No. of Paper of Paper Apps. Date to
Receipt Date Apps. Rec'd. Processed Complete
Jan 1 - Mar 31 3,544,386 3,544,386 (100%) Completed
Apr 1- Apr 15 576,989 576,989 (100%) Completed
Apr 16 - Apr 30 451,202 292,912 (65%) 14 days from receipt
TOTAL: 4,572,577 4,414,287 (97%)

Note: Expected Date to Complete reflects the date that the
Department expects all paper applications with these receipt dates to
have been entered and processed by the Central Processing System.

B. Electronic FAFSA Corrections

In our announcement dated April 19 (announcement #37) we advised you
that correction records generated with the "old" version 4.1 of EDExpress
had the signature flag set in the wrong position of the correction record.
As soon as the problem was detected, the CPS implemented a manual
procedure to reset the flag into the proper position to prevent those
correction records from being rejected by the processor.

We distributed an EDExpress software upgrade (version 4.2) at the beginning
of the month of April. This version of the software corrects the signature flag
problem. If you are still using version 4.1 of the EDExpress software, please
install the upgrade (version 4.2) immediately!

The additional manual procedures the CPS implemented have resulted in
delays in processing. Therefore, we must discontinue these procedures and
resume rejecting records generated under the "old" version of the software.

Beginning next week (May 4, 1996), the CPS will resume rejecting correction
records which do not have the signature flag in the proper position. To ensure
that your institution is not adversely affected, please take a moment to confirm
that you have loaded and are using the latest version of EDExpress - Version
4.2! If you have any questions concerning the software, please contact CPS
Customer Support at 800-330-5947.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

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