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1996-97 FAFSA Processing - Announcement #28

PublicationDate: 4/9/96
Summary: 1996-97 FAFSA Processing - Announcement #28
Author: ODAS - Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary - SFA

Announcement # 28-- April 9, 1996

This is announcement number 28 in our series of daily FAFSA
updates for financial aid administrators. For information on
individual applications, parents and students should contact

1996-97 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Processing Status Report

A. Status of Applications as of April 8, 1996

No./Percent. Expected
FAFSA No. of Paper of Paper Apps. Date to
Receipt Date Apps. Rec'd. Processed Complete
Jan 1 - Jan 31 438,509 438,509 (100%) Completed
Feb 1 - Feb 15 698,335 696,742 (99%)
Feb 16 - Feb 29 880,976 829,087 (94%)
SUBTOTAL: 2,017,820 1,932,887 (96%)

Mar 1 - Mar 15 977,827 700,229 (72%) Apr 15
Mar 16 - Mar 31 598,888 172,245 (29%) Apr 15
TOTAL 3,594,535 2,836,812 (79%)

Note: Expected Date to Complete reflects the date that the
Department expects all paper applications with these receipt dates
to have been entered and processed by the Central Processing

B. Change to EFC Formulas

The Central Processing System made a change to EFC formulas 2
and 5 (regular formula for independents without dependent(s)
other than a spouse and the simplified formula for independents
without dependent(s) other than a spouse). The specific change
was to the part of the formulas that calculates Total Income. Prior
to this change, the Central Processing System was not including
Earned Income Credit as part of a student's untaxed income for
Independents with no dependents. Applicants who had a record
(application or correction) processed on March 20 or later will
have a properly calculated EFC.

The CPS began reprocessing the small number of records
processed before March 20 that were affected by the incorrect
calculations. Institutions should begin to see these reprocessed
records today. Please note that in many cases this reprocessing
will cause little or no change in affected students' final EFCs and
may cause little or no change in Pell eligibility. These reprocessed
records will contain comment 172, which says:

“This Student Aid Report (SAR) was produced because of a
processing change, and updates your previous SAR. Review all
instructions to see if you need to submit a photocopy of this SAR
to any of your schools.”

The Department has also taken steps to make the appropriate
modifications to the EFC Formula workbook, the Need Analysis
System specifications, and the Windows version of EDExpress.
Institutions should note that the DOS version of EDExpress
already contains the corrected formulas.

C. Correction SARs returned to students

The Department's Multiple Data Entry processors have informed
the Department that many SAR corrections are being sent in by
students and cannot be processed and must be sent back to the
student. These fall into two categories:

(1) SARs with corrections made, but no signatures

(2) Information Review (Part 2 of non-rejected SARs) forms with
no changes (with or without signatures).

The CPS contractor, which is responsible for printing and mailing
all SARs for 1996-97, was enclosing a return envelope with each
SAR. The Department believes that this may be the reason that
some students are returning the SARs, even if all the data was
correct. The Department has instructed the CPS contractor to
discontinue providing a return envelope except for rejected SARs.
They will continue to enclose a return envelope with all rejects.

Thank you for your continued patience and suggestions.

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