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1996-97 FAFSA Processing - Announcement #22

PublicationDate: 3/29/96
Summary: 1996-97 FAFSA Processing - Announcement #22
Author: ODAS - Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary - SFA

Announcement # 22-- March 29, 1996

This is announcement number 22 in our series of daily FAFSA
updates for financial aid administrators. For information on
individual applications, parents and students should contact

1996-97 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Processing Status Report

A. Status of Applications as of March 28, 1996.

No./Percent. Expected
FAFSA No. of Paper of Paper Apps. Date to
Receipt Date Apps. Rec'd. Processed Complete
Jan 1 - Jan 31 437,675 432,777 (99%) Mar 31
Feb 1 - Feb 15 697,480 649,642 (93%) Mar 31
Feb 16 - Feb 29 881,626 546,744 (62%) Mar 31
SUBTOTAL: 2,016,781 1,629,163 (81%)

Mar 1 - Mar 15 969,248 247,903 (26%) Apr 15
Mar 16 - Mar 31 526,423 30,245 (6%)
TOTAL 3,512,452 1,907,311 (54%)

Note: Expected Date to Complete reflects the date that the
Department expects all paper applications with these receipt dates
to have been entered and processed by the Central Processing

B. FAFSA Notes

The Department has become aware that some students think they
have submitted a 1996-97 FAFSA when in fact they have
submitted a 1995-96 FAFSA (and vice versa). This confusion
happens every year and students need to be sure which form they
have completed and submitted, particularly if they think they are
applying for 1996-97. Sometimes mentioning the color of the
form may help to identify what year form the student actually

Please note that a fax or photocopy of the FAFSA may be used for
any unofficial hand calculations that schools may wish to perfom
to estimate award packages, but students cannot fax or photocopy
a FAFSA and submit it for official processing. Nor can
institutions that are keying FAFSAs for students to submit through
EDE accept photocopied/faxed forms. In addition, all forms must
have the student's signature as well as an SSN. If these and certain
other conditions are not met, Multiple Data Entry processors will
return the FAFSA forms with a letter of explanation.

C. FAFSA Express Signature Pages

FAFSA Express signature pages began to be keyed around March
15, as we indicated in previous announcements. As of March 25,
ACT had keyed all signature pages (3,247) that had been received
by February 19 and transmitted them to the Central Processing
System for processing. Institutions who have not yet received
ISIRs for FAFSA Express applicants should receive them shortly.

Please note that even though FAFSA Express signature pages are
being processed as history corrections, FAFSA Express
applications that enter the Central Processing System first will be
treated as an 01 transaction.

D. Processing on the weekends

The Department has become aware that there may be some
confusion about FAFSA processing on the weekends. The
Multiple Data Entry contractors are keying data from FAFSAs on
the weekends; however, the Central Processing System does not
perform a compute on the weekends. Schools will therefore not
receive applications with a process date from the weekend. CPS
does not process applications on the weekends because we are
unable to perform data matches with other agencies on the
weekends and because this is the time when the CPS staff performs
database and periodic equipment maintenance.

Thank you for your understanding and for your suggestions for
additional announcements. We hope this information is helpful to

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