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1996-97 FAFSA Processing

PublicationDate: 5/21/96
Summary: 1996-97 FAFSA Processing
Author: ODAS - Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary - SFA

Announcement #54, May 21, 1996

A. Application Processing Status as of May 21, 1996

January completed
February completed
March completed
April completed

May received 490,283
Processed 332,351
In process 157,932 32%

History Correction Processing Status as of May 21, 1996

February completed
March completed

April received 544,504
Processed 534,012
In process 10,492 2%

May received 351,268
Processed 42,990
In process 308,278 88%

B. Records Reprocessed to Correct Earned Income Credit Problem

The Central Processing System (CPS) reprocessed 22,367 applications on
Friday, May 17, 1996. From the time we began processing 1996-97 applications
in January through March 19, 1996, we inadvertently did not include earned
income credit for applicants who reported it and also met formula type 2 or 5.
The number of applications affected by this error is 22,367. ISIRs are available
on Monday, May 20.

In an earlier attempt to correct the error, we reprocessed 1,269 applications on
April 5, 1996. However, the records selected for the reprocessing were
independent students with formulas 2 or 5 who reported parents' EIC. Therefore,
no data changed on their record when they were reprocessed. These records
could be included in the second reprocessing only if they reported student's EIC
as well.

For the records reprocessed May 17, note that in many cases there is little or no
change in affected students' final EFCs and little or no change in Pell eligibility.
The reprocessed records will contain comment 172, which says:

"This Student Aid Report (SAR) was reproduced because of a processing
change, and updates your previous SAR. Review all instructions to see if you
need to submit a photocopy of this SAR to any of your schools."

These reprocessed records are also identified by the "System Generated
Indicator" in the FAA Information Section, with a code of "Z."

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