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1995/96 FAFSA Software Available for Downloading

PublicationDate: 11/1/95
Summary: 1995/96 FAFSA Software Available for Downloading
Author: TIV/WAN - Title IV Wan Customer Service

The 1995-96 FAFSA Express Software is now available for downloading from
the SFA BBS. We are also making the FAFSA Express User's Guide available
to you for viewing and/or downloading.

These new entries can be found under the Program Areas main menu pick.
You will find a new subtopic entitled "SFA Developed Software" which
includes the 1995-96 FAFSA Express Software and the Institutional Default
Prevention System software.

If you have any questions or comments regarding these or any other entries
on the SFA BBS, please feel free to forward them to the Customer Support
Branch. We can be reached at "csb" (without the quotes) within the SFA BBS
mail system or at "" (without the quotes) via Internet mail.

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