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1995-96 ISIR Print Specification Problem

PublicationDate: 2/2/96
Summary: 1995-96 ISIR Print Specification Problem
Author: OPE - Office of the Assistant Secretary for OPE

The U.S. Department of Education has identified a problem with the
1995-96 print specifications that were issued to third-party servicers
and institutions who program their own systems to print Instituional
Student Information Records (ISIRs). The specifications that were
distributed did not include instructions to print the phrase
'GRAD/PROF' below the EFC on Part 1 when a student indicates that
he or she is a graduate/professional student.

The specification was included in the actual print software for
EDExpress, so EDExpress users are not affected by this. This only
effects those schools/servicers who program their own systems to print

Please note that some schools/servicers have used the 'GRAD/PROF'
indicator to assist them in determining a student's eligibility for Pell
funds. Since graduate/professional students and BA Degree
recipients are not Pell eligible, schools/servicers affected by this
should note that there is a Pell Eligible Flag that indicates whether an
applicant is Pell eligible or not.

Thank you.

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