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1995-96 EDExpress Windows file formats & abbreviated disbursements

PublicationDate: 6/24/96
Summary: 1995-96 EDExpress Windows file formats & abbreviated
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

To: Direct Loan Destination Points
From: Direct Loan Technical Customer Service
Date: June 24, 1996
Re: 1995-96 EDExpress Windows file formats & abbreviated

In the June 15, 1996 message, the file formats in EDExpress Windows were discussed as

95-96 File formats after converting to Windows: Because Windows uses multiple tables,
rather than a single large loan record, users who had created export to external file
formats with selected fields containing anticipated disbursements are not able to use
these file formats in the EDExpress Windows Direct Loan module.

You must select all loan data for the file format type to export the anticipated
disbursement information. If you have MS-Access, please contact CPS/DL Customer
Service for written information on how you can work with the exported file to create the
file format you exported from the DOS EDExpress Direct Loan module.

Due to the structure of the software, a change will not be made for the 1995-96 and
1996-97 EDExpress Windows softwares because of the extensive work involved. The
1997-98 software will be reviewed to determine if these fields can be made available as in
the DOS product.

As indicated in the previous message, CPS/DL Customer Service has instructions
available to help you create MS-Access queries and sorts to create the files in the
formats you had in DOS. You must have MS-Access to use these instructions. For
those users with database programs other than MS-Access, you may be able to convert
these instructions to use with your program.

To receive these instructions, call 1-800-330-5947. After entering your TG5 ID (5 plus 4
digits) and pressing 1 to approve, press 1 for the CPS Automated System. Press 3 to
select faxable documents and then press 7 for the Direct Loan File Format Anticipated
Disbursement Instructions. You are asked to enter a 10-digit fax number (area code plus
a 7 digit phone number), we will then fax a copy of the instructions to you.

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