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(ANN-12-02) Subject: Training Recording - Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4)

Publication Date: January 11, 2012

DCL ID: ANN-12-02

Subject: Training Recording - Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4)

Summary: This letter announces Federal Student Aid’s recorded training session on the R2T4 calculation.

Dear Colleague:

We are pleased to announce the availability of a recorded training session that provides information on the Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4) calculation that is required in the event of a student's withdrawal. This 90-minute training session is intended for individuals in the financial aid office who are unfamiliar with the R2T4 requirements, or individuals who would like to learn more about performing the R2T4 calculation.

The recorded training session:

  • Reviews the regulatory requirements of the R2T4 calculation;

  • Provides guidance relevant to the most current R2T4 calculation, including a discussion of modules and requirements for schools that are required to take attendance; and

  • Includes a Participant’s Guide and step-by-step walkthrough of a case study that reviews an R2T4 scenario and provides an opportunity to calculate a return of federal funds.

This training will not cover the R2T4 on the Web online application.

No registration is required to view the recorded training session. The session has two parts. To view each part of the session, click on the links below.

Note: A recording key is not required to view the session.

Part 1

Part 2

To download and print the Participant's Guide for the recorded training session, click on this link:

Note: We recommend trainees download and print the Participant's Guide before beginning the training.

Thank you for your continued interest in and support of our training efforts. If you have questions about this training opportunity, please contact Kim Schreck at


Jana Hernandes
Service Director, Operations
Federal Student Aid

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