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(GEN-11-09) Subject: Guidance on Helping Students Enrolled in Study-Abroad Programs in Japan

Publication Date: March 29, 2011

DCL ID: GEN-11-09

Subject: Guidance on Helping Students Enrolled in Study-Abroad Programs in Japan

Summary: This letter authorizes institutions to rely on information provided in Dear Colleague Letter GEN-10-16 in cases where a student who was enrolled in a study-abroad program located in Japan was impacted by the recent earthquake and related events.

Dear Colleague:

On August 23, 2010 we issued Dear Colleague Letter GEN-10-16 that provided guidance to institutions on helping Title IV participants, including students, affected by a major disaster. While the information provided in that letter specifically refers to federally declared major disasters, this letter extends the guidance included in GEN-10-16 to students who were enrolled in study-abroad programs in Japan at the time of the March 10, 2011 earthquake. While any of the relief provided in the attachment to GEN-10-16 may be necessary, we particularly call to the attention of home institutions the provisions on page 3 of the attachment related to “Institutional Charges, Refunds, and Return of Title IV Funds Calculations” and the provision on “Reporting Student Enrollment Status” on page 8 of the attachment to GEN-10-16.

Questions on this letter or on any of the provisions of GEN-10-16 should be directed to the home institution’s School Participation Team. If you are not sure about your School Participation Team, you may go to for a list.

We thank you for your efforts to assist eligible students whose educational endeavors were impacted by the disaster in Japan.


David A. Bergeron
Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for
Policy, Planning and Innovation

Last Modified: 03/28/2011