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(ANN-10-11) Subject: Podcasts – FSA Assessments

Publication Date: March 30, 2010

DCL ID: ANN-10-11

Subject: Podcasts – FSA Assessments

Summary: This letter announces the availability of Federal Student Aid’s podcast series on the FSA Assessments.

Dear Colleague:

We are pleased to announce the availability of a series of five podcasts on the FSA Assessments. The FSA Assessments are management assessment modules designed to assist schools that are participating in the Title IV federal student aid programs evaluate and enhance institutional operations and services. The modules offer schools the opportunity to complete self-evaluations on selected areas (e.g., Satisfactory Academic Progress, Return of Title IV Funds, Policies and Procedures, and Verification) and contain links to applicable laws and regulations.

The series of five podcasts includes the following:

  1. Introduction to the FSA Assessments – Advantages for the school, access to the tool, format, and links
  1. FSA Assessments: Students Module ­­­– Verification, conflicting data
  1. FSA Assessments: Schools Module – Consumer information
  1. FSA Assessments: Managing Funds Module – Fiscal management
  1. FSA Assessments: Innovations Module – Policies and procedures template, developing a policies and procedures guide

Those who access these podcasts will gain an overview of the areas addressed by the FSA Assessments and an understanding of how to incorporate this tool into an ongoing process of institutional self assessment.

To access the FSA Assessments podcast series, click on this link:

The podcasts are available in MP3 format. Click on the MP3 link to download the presentation. A link to the transcript of each presentation is provided as well.

Note: A portable media player or a computer may be used to listen to or view these audio and video clips. To use a computer, you may need to use the links provided on the Download Plug-ins and Viewers page to access the required audio and video software.

Thank you for your continued interest in and support of our training efforts. If you have questions about the FSA Assessments or the podcast series, please contact Holly Langer-Evans at or Michael Cagle at

Last Modified: 03/29/2010