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(ANN-07-18) ISIR Analysis Tool Training Session for Beginners available for viewing

Publication Date: September 25, 2007

DCL ID: ANN-07-18

Subject: ISIR Analysis Tool Training Session for Beginners available for viewing

Summary: This letter announces the availability of Federal Student Aid's taped training session on using the ISIR Analysis Tool. This class is presented for beginners at any school and is about 1 hour long.

Posted on 09-25-2007

Dear Partner:

We are pleased to announce the availability of our taped, online instructor-led training session titled, "The ISIR Analysis Tool for Beginners (for all Title IV Schools)."

Federal Student Aid designed the ISIR Analysis Tool to provide schools with a mechanism to analyze FAFSA data to determine the most common errors made by applicants while focusing on those that affect EFC and Federal Pell Grant eligibility. The ISIR Analysis Tool also helps all participating Title IV schools analyze verification data and the results of verification. The ISIR Analysis Tool is part of FAA Access to CPS online. Users can upload specific ISIR records that were verified by the school to determine the impact changes made as a result of verification had for applicants attending their campus. This process can help schools determine the top ISIR element changes that had an impact on EFC and use that information to assist with their discretionary verification or to enhance consumer information materials to educate applicants to provide more accurate information from the start.

ISIS Analysis Tool For Beginners Session

We encourage all schools to view this taped training session to see a demonstration of the ISIR Analysis Tool and how it can enhance your verification efforts. The taped session is available from the following link: Once there, scroll down to the ISIR Tool For Beginners (For all Title IV schools).

Contact Information
We look forward to assisting schools by providing tools and on-line training opportunities. If you have any questions about the ISIR Analysis Tool, please send an email to

We look forward to your viewing this training session.


Claire M. Roemer
General Manager
School Services and Training Channel
Federal Student Aid

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