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(GEN-06-15) National SMART Grant - Revised List of Eligible Majors

Publication Date: August 2006

DCL ID: GEN-06-15

National SMART Grant - Revised List of Eligible Majors

Dear Colleague:

In Dear Colleague Letter GEN-06-06, we provided the list of eligible academic majors under the National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant (National SMART Grant) Program. Recently, we became aware that certain majors were inadvertently omitted. This letter provides an updated list.

We have received public comments on the interim final rule that raise other issues related to the list of majors. Additional changes may be made to this list as the Department reviews those comments.


James F. Manning

Acting Assistant Secretary for

Postsecondary Education

National SMART Grant -- Fields of Study in PDF Format, 26KB, 13 pages

Last Modified: 08/24/2006