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(ANN-06-09) Federal Student Aid Conferences

Publication Date: August 2006

DCL ID: ANN-06-09

Summary: Federal Student Aid Conferences

Posted on 08-18-2006

Start Here. Go Further! That's exactly what the Federal Student Aid Conferences hope to provide. Our conferences, formerly known as Electronic Access Conferences, offer financial aid training and opportunities to network with industry professionals from across the nation.

Attended by more than 4,000 financial aid professionals annually, Federal Student Aid's 2006 fall conferences take place in Orlando (Oct. 30-Nov. 2) and Las Vegas (Nov. 28-Dec. 1). Now is the time to sign up. Our conference Web site is redesigned and we hope easy to navigate. Simply click this link to sign up for our conference:

At the Federal Student Aid Conferences you can learn about changes to policies and procedures around the Title IV programs. Our conferences are important forums and provide you with the latest legislative activities and enhancements to our electronic systems. You'll learn about the new National SMART and Academic Competitiveness Grants as well as other changes due to the Higher Education Reconciliation Act of 2005. We'll also cover topics ranging from information system technologies to improved practices and new regulations for dealing with aid applicants and recipients. And you can count on viewing the new 2007-2008 FAFSA. Sessions will be provided on revisions to the FAFSA process support functions including record keeping and reporting; system security and outreach with regional, state and nonprofit organizations in the student aid community.

So sign up today and join us in Orlando or Las Vegas.

For help or additional information about the Federal Student Aid Conferences, please e-mail or call 202-377-3633. We look forward to seeing you!

Marianna O'Brien
General Manager, Communications & Administration

Susan Thares
Director, External Events

Last Modified: 08/17/2006