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(GEN-05-05) FEBI Has a New Name

Publication Date: April 2005

DCL ID: GEN-05-05

FEBI Has a New Name

Dear Partner:

Last month, Federal Student Aid awarded the FEBI contract to Pearson Government Solutions and began the next phase of Federal Student Aid’s system integration efforts. This project creates a fully integrated aid application, Pell Grant and Direct Loan origination, and disbursement system.It consolidates and streamlines common front –end student aid functions and offers an end-to-end, online view of financial aid information for customer service representatives, schools and students.

Last week at the 2005 Spring Conference, Terri Shaw, Federal Student Aid’s Chief Operating Officer, announced a new name for this project, ADvance. This name was chosen to reflect the significance of this critical project on the future of student aid delivery. Specifically, this solution advances your ability to educate more students. It advances our collective mission by providing more aid to more students more accurately and efficiently than ever before. Most importantly, it helps America’s students advance by providing the assistance they need to pursue their education dreams, and advancing their personal goals and professional careers. Of course, the capital ‘A’ and ‘D’ in ADvance stand for Aid Delivery.

If you would like additional information on ADvance, I encourage you to visit the new ADvance site at for project details and updates. Alternatively, if you have questions or comments on the ADvance initiative, please feel free to email members of the team at

Kay Jacks, General Manager
FSA Application, School Eligibility, and Delivery Services

Last Modified: 03/31/2005