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(GEN-05-01) Invitation to Help Vision New Aid Delivery Processes

Publication Date: February 2005

DCL ID: GEN-05-01

Invitation to Help Vision New Aid Delivery Processes

Subject: Invitation to Help Vision New Aid Delivery Processes

Summary: This letter provides a brief overview of FSA’s plans to re-engineer the front-end student aid process and invites experienced student aid officers to our Spring conference to help us prepare a vision for the future of student aid delivery.

Dear Partner:

FSA is entering a new phase of its aid delivery evolution with the introduction of the Front-End Business Integration initiative, a re-engineering of our aid awareness activities, student aid application processes, disbursement business processes, funds management activities, and our customer service functions. Last week, we awarded the Front-End Business Integration contract to Pearson Government Solutions of Arlington, Virginia. This contract, with its first implementation activities scheduled for January of 2007, will ultimately result in a single, integrated, seamless business solution that will replace four legacy front-end systems.

In order to ensure that the development and implementation of our new processes provides the best solution that meets the needs of students, families, and schools we need your input, your ideas and your feedback. Therefore, I want to invite you to FSA’s Spring Conference to be held in Reno, Nevada from March 22 through March 24, where we are offering experienced student aid officers the opportunity to participate in a strategic visioning program designed to begin the development of the new, front-end, student aid delivery system.

Through your participation in a series of facilitated exercises during the three-day visioning program, we will explore the future of financial aid delivery from both a student and an institutional perspective. Your input is very important to us so I urge you to strongly consider joining us in Reno next month. Please see the conference website for details on this exciting agenda. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you next month at the FSA Spring Conference.

Kay Jacks, General Manager
FSA Application, School Eligibility, and Delivery Services


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