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(ANN-05-01) This letter announces FSA's release of the first of two web-based 2005-06 EDExpress Basics training modules

Publication Date: January 2005

DCL ID: ANN-05-01

This letter announces FSA's release of the first of two web-based 2005-06 EDExpress Basics training modules.

Posted on 01-26-2005

Dear Partner:

For the 2005-2006 year, EDExpress and EDConnect software basics training will be a computer/web-based training product available through the Internet to all schools. Just as with the 2004-2005 training, EDExpress Basics will focus on providing users with the basic skills required to access and navigate the software.

By using the software in a simulated environment, users will gain an understanding of the fundamental EDExpress and EDConnect functions. This training will be a resource for on-the-job training and re-training in the use of EDExpress. This self-paced training is intended for financial aid office staff with day-to-day responsibilities using the EDExpress software.

EDExpress Basics may also serve as preparation for those wishing to take the intermediate-level, instructor-facilitated Electronic Application Processing Training that we will offer nationwide beginning in March 2005.

The following topics are examples of the basic skills illustrated in the EDExpress Basics web-based training:

EDExpress Menus


Importing and Exporting Data

Using EDconnect to transmit data

Using Help screens


Setup screens for all modules

Functionality of all EDExpress modules/screens

The training will be released in the same sequence as EDExpress. This release includes Global Functions and Application Processing. The next release, scheduled for late April 2005, will contain the Packaging, Pell, and Direct Loan modules. In late Spring 2005, we will also release both modules in a version that meets the requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

You may access the first module of the 2005-2006 EDExpress web-based training at <>


Kay Jacks
General Manager
FSA Application, School Eligibility and Delivery Services

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