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(CB-04-09) Subject: Fiscal Operations Report and Application to Participate (FISAP)

Publication Date: June 2004

DCL ID: CB-04-09

Subject: Fiscal Operations Report and Application to Participate (FISAP)

June 2004


SUBJECT: Fiscal Operations Report and Application to Participate (FISAP)

SUMMARY: This letter provides information about the Fiscal Operations

Report for 2003-2004 and the Application to Participate for 2005-2006


REFERENCE: Federal Student Aid Handbook

Dear Partner:

The 2005-2006 FISAP for the campus-based programs will be available on the Department’s FISAP on the Web at in late July and will have a submission deadline of October 1, 2004.

This letter contains a series of questions and answers relating to the FISAP for 2005-2006. We have also attached the FISAP Instructions Booklet, Form, and Reference to assist you in completing your FISAP for 2005-2006.

Questions & Answers

Q1 How do I file my FISAP for 2005-2006?

A1 All schools that wish to request funding under the campus-based programs for the 2005-2006 award year, and all schools that had campus-based expenditures for the 2003-2004 award year are required to submit electronically a FISAP using the Department’s FISAP on the Web at This site will allow you to complete and submit your FISAP online, receive real-time validation edits, access your statement of account, view your funding levels, and more.

Q2 What do I need to access the campus-based website?

A2 To access FISAP on the Web, you will need a PIN and a TG number from the Department. The FISAP site will use these to validate each user’s identity and access rights. For further guidance on the PIN and TG number, please refer to the attached FISAP Reference.

Q3 When is my FISAP due?

A3 The deadline for electronic submissions of the FISAP is 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Time) on October 1, 2004. Transmissions must be completed and accepted by 12 midnight to meet the deadline.

Q4 Where will I find the Campus-Based Reallocation Form to report 2003-2004 unexpended funds or request supplemental Federal Work-Study funds for 2004-2005?

A4 The Reallocation Form, which is due August 20, 2004, can be found in the FISAP on the Web site noted above. A separate “Dear Partner” letter (CB-04-07) on the reallocation form was issued in June and provides information on the reallocation process and form instructions, while the attached FISAP Reference provides additional information of a more technical nature.

Q5 Have there been any updates to the FISAP or the instructions since the “FISAP Change Letter” (CB-04-03) was issued last March?

A5 As noted in the FISAP Change Letter, we have added four new fields in

Part III, Section B, of the Perkins Loan Fund Activity page. These additional

items [fields 8(a), 8(b), 9(a), and 9(b)] collect information on certain defaulted

Perkins Loans. The Instructions Booklet for these new data items clarifies that

schools are to report on only those loans that are in default as of June 30, 2004.

Q6 Where can I find answers to my questions about the FISAP or reallocation processes?

A6 If you have any questions regarding the FISAP or reallocation processes,

please call the Campus-Based Call Center at 877-801-7168.

We appreciate your continued support in making campus-based assistance

available to needy students.


Richard Coppage


Campus-Based Operations Branch


FISAP Instructions Booklet


FISAP Reference


FISAP Instructions Booklet in PDF Format, 153KB, 43 pages

FISAP Form in PDF Format, 12MB, 13 pages

FISAP Reference in Microsoft Word Format, 311KB, 14 pages

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