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(ANN-04-01) This letter announces FSA's one-day training session, "Electronic Application Processing."

Publication Date: February 2004

DCL ID: ANN-04-01

Award Year: 2004-2005

This letter announces FSA's one-day training session, "ElectronicApplication Processing."

Posted on 02-20-2004

February 2004


Summary: This letter announces FSA's one-day training session,“Electronic Application Processing.”This training covers FAA Access to CPS Online functionality, requestingISIRs from the new ISIR Datamart, building queries, and an optional section onchanges to the 2004-2005 EDExpress Application Processing module.

Dear Partner:

FSA is pleased to announce “Electronic Application Processing,” aone-day training session for financial aid administrators responsible forprocessing student applicant data.Ourtraining features hands-on computer exercises, designed to give you theopportunity to explore:

  • The enhanced FAA Access to CPS Online Web site, featuring real-time corrections and instant access to student data.

  • The ISIR Datamart, a new process for requesting a single ISIR or specified group of ISIRs at any time.

  • Building queries to select the application data you need.

  • As a training participant, you will:

    • Sign on to FAA Access to CPS Online and explore the Web site’s functionality in a case-study format.

    • Identify the role of the Destination Point Administrator (DPA) and learn how to enroll other users.

    • Create a real-time ISIR correction using the new online Verification Worksheet.

    • Learn how to set up EDExpress to most efficiently use FAA Access to CPS Online.

    • Use a student’s Data Release Number (DRN) to obtain instant ISIR information.

    • Request ISIRs from the ISIR Datamart and determine the best method for receiving ISIRs at your institution.

    • Build queries to identify ISIRs with specific field values.

    • Identify changes to the 2004-2005 EDExpress Application Processing module (optional).

    This training is for intermediate or advanced users of theDepartment's application processing systems.

    The final session of the day will be targeted to EDExpress users,and will cover changes to the 2004-2005 EDExpress ApplicationProcessing module.

    The training sessions will take place from March through May atthe Department's Regional Training Facilities and select college locationsnationwide. Please go to to view and register for the dateand location most convenient for you. We look forward to seeing you intraining!


    Kay Jacks
    General Manager
    FSA Application, School Eligibility and Delivery Services

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